TMR 225 : Joel Furches : Researching Deconversion

JoelFurchesWe are joined by the behavioural psychologist and Christian thinker Joel Furches for a conversation on his ongoing research into the contemporary phenomenon of deconversion from Christianity to Atheism.

Drawing upon his background in psychology, sociology and education, Joel shares with us patterns he is finding in case-study data that may help to explain why some people abandon Christianity and turn to Atheism. Observing various commonalities in such people's backgrounds—such as "wooden" notions of biblical inerrancy, legalism and isolationism—Joel argues that cultural factors like these may well play significant parts in fuelling "deconstruction" of belief and lead to equally dogmatic unbelief.

We also talk about Christian apologetics more generally, including the term itself, and consider which approaches—evidentialist or presuppositionalist—best suit different situations.

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TMR 224 : Antony Rotunno : Through Life (Part One)

ARJCsepiaWe welcome once again our good friend, the teacher, musician and blogger Antony Rotunno, for the first half of a two-part interview on his latest album Through Life (2019). In this first programme, quite personal at times, we chat about issues related to the music—love and war, inspiration and influence—and play several of the songs.

Through Life (2019) and Adventures In Retrospect (2017)—both of which are recommended by TMR—can be heard and purchased via Bandcamp.

Antony has joined us several times throughout the life of TMR for conversations on a variety of subjects.

[All the songs in this podcast are Copyright © 2019 Antony Rotunno, all rights reserved, and used by TMR with kind permission.]

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TMR 223 : Brian Clegg : Before the Big Bang ?


The Big Bang theory is well-established, but how complete is it? Does it describe the absolute beginning of physical reality, or is there perhaps more to be discovered that might place it in a broader cosmic context?

We welcome the award-winning British science writer Brian Clegg, author of dozens of popular science books in print, for an engaging and thought-provoking conversation on his book Before the Big Bang—an interview conducted, specially for The Mind Renewed, by TMR's "roving reporter" Mark Campbell.

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TMR 222 : Michael Basham : Jedi for Jesus

MichaelBashamWe welcome Michael Basham—Master Jedi Time Lord of Space City New Jerusalem (and host of the Spirit Wars podcast)—for an entertaining, unpredictable and at-times-poignant conversation on the subjects of Christian podcasting and his own experience of having once been involved in The Family International, a New Religious Movement previously known as The Children of God.

"Michael Basham has spent the last 20 years exploring the frontiers of all things spiritually and physically fringe. From grappling with the ancient forces of Japan, China and Nepal, to delving into the modern Info-War and Mystic Christian movement, Michael has more recently begun to use the Internet as a mission field to help equip the next generation of spiritual warriors to face the epic prophetic challenges ahead. Having clocked thousands of hours sharing his journey and fellowshipping with many circles, he is now engaged with a number of other broadcasters on Fringe Radio Network. On his show SpiritWars he is undertaking a bridging of multiple dimensions, seeing God touch lives and help to mold jedi-esque, Doctor Strange-like undercover Time Lords of Space City New Jerusalem in order to accomplish a great deal of missions which Holy Spirit Personally engineers."—M. Basham

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TMR 220 : Patrick M. Wood : Technocracy - The Hard Road to World Order


We are joined once again by Patrick M. Wood, Editor-in-Chief of Technocracy News and Trends, who returns to the programme to discuss his latest book—Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order.

In Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order, Patrick Wood traces the development of the United Nations' doctrine of Sustainable Development out of the ideology of Technocracy from the 1930s, and argues that UN programmes such as 2030 Agenda, New Urban Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement are best understood as attempts to displace the current structures of free enterprise and national sovereignty in favour of a so-called "New Economic World Order"—a concept long championed by the globalist Trilateral Commission.

Examining such seemingly-unrelated factors as collaborative governance, public-private partnerships, data collection and crypto-currencies, Wood "connects the dots" in futurist style, and poses the question: Is this the kind of world we want to build—a world in which the dream of Utopia might turn into the nightmare of control?

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TMR 219 : Madam Bell Caps : On Witnesses to The Dorset Ooser

MadamBellCaps"Things go missing. Things get moved from room to room. And things happen in the gardens. It's strange. One day there's a beautiful crop of something; the next morning 'tis all gone, or 'tis all rotten on the trees. How do you explain that?"—Madam Bell Caps

We are joined by our roving reporter Mark Campbell, who shares and discuss with us a fascinating interview he had recently with the 107-year-old Madam Bell Caps (a.k.a. Isabella Caps), one of the few surviving keepers of the Ooser tradition, whose grandparents—she insists—were witnesses to the Dorset Ooser itself.

Is the Ooser just a mask, traditionally used in "skimmity riding"? Or is there something more sinister behind that peculiar face—perhaps a spine-chilling reality that few are prepared to mention? Join us as we listen to Bell's captivating words and discuss in studio this rare—indeed exclusive—conversation.

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TMR 217 : F. Remy Diederich : Roadblocks to Self-Control

FRemyDiederichWe are joined once again by F. Remy Diederich, lead pastor of Cedarbrook Church in Menomonie, Wisconsin, for a very practical yet thought-provoking conversation on the subject of self-control in the Christian life.

Reflecting on the work of Dr. Kelly McGonigal, in her popular book The Willpower Instinct, and drawing upon his own experience in pastoral ministry, Remy shares with us reasons why so many of us experience difficulty in the areas of self-control and temptation, and offers us very practical advice on how to improve step by step with the Holy Spirit.

"Remy Diederich is the author of six books related to helping people overcome their setbacks with God's help. He is the founding and teaching pastor of Cedarbrook Church in Wisconsin, USA, and he is also the spirituality advisor for Arbor Place Treatment Center. He blogs at"

(Please note that none of the opinions expressed in this interview should be taken as advice in any particular case.)

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TMR 215 : K. Gordon Neufeld : Stories of Extreme Beliefs

KGordonNeufeldWe welcome once again the author K. Gordon Neufeld, one-time member of the so-called Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, who joined us in 2014 to speak about the history, beliefs and practices of the Moonies, and to share with us from his experiences of joining, serving and eventually leaving that organisation.

This time he joins us to speak about his new book, Prophet and Loss : Stories of Extreme Beliefs, a collection of short fiction that effectively illustrates the painful dilemmas and heart-rending sacrifices of people who adopt extreme beliefs, and of those who know and love them.

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