TMR 136 : Patrick M. Wood : Industry 4.0 - Rise of the Robots (or Fall of the "Useless Eaters"?)

PatrickWoodAtlas, the impressive brainchild of Boston Dynamics and icon of Industry 4.0, raises perhaps more concerns than it does hopes for the future. Will Atlas's cyber progeny and digital cousins bring to pass a brave new world of endless leisure for the masses, or will they usher in an age of mass unemployment, poverty, or worse?

We are joined once again by Patrick M. Wood, Editor-in-Chief of Technocracy News and Trends, who returns to the programme to discuss the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution—a highlight of this year's World Economic Forum in Davos—and to consider its role within the utopian vision of the neo-technocratic elites of today.

Patrick M. Wood is an author and lecturer who has stud­ied elite globalisation policies since the late 1970s, when he partnered with the late Antony C. Sutton to co-author Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II. An economist by education, a financial analyst and writer by profession, and an Amer­ican Constitutionalist by choice, Wood maintains a biblical worldview and has deep historical insights into modern attacks on sovereignty, property rights and personal freedom. A frequent speaker on radio shows around the U.S., Wood's cur­rent work centres in Technocracy, Transhumanism and Scientism, and how these are transforming global economics, politics and religion. As he says, the endgame is scientific dictatorship; we ignore it our peril.

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TMR 099 : Dr. James Wanliss : Resisting the Green Dragon

JamesWanlissWhat is "Green Religion"? Is it having an impact on modern environmentalism? And what effect is it having on the way people think and behave? Joining us to discuss these issues is Dr. James Wanliss, Associate Professor of Physics at Presbyterian College, Clinton, South Carolina, and author of the book: Resisting the Green Dragon; Dominion, Not Death.

Dr. Wanliss holds degrees in Applied Mathematics and Physics (from the University of Cape Town), a Master's in Geophysics (from the University of Witwatersrand) and a PhD in Physics (from the University of Alberta, Canada). His scientific interests centre in plasma physics, nonlinear dynamics, and space weather; he has published over 60 peer-reviewed scientific articles, mainly in the Journal of Geophysical Research and Geophysical Research Letters; and he has also published in psychology and medical areas, and popular Christian journals.

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TMR 063 : Dr. Paul Cullen : The Anti-Human Agenda and the Abuse of Science

PaulCullenOur guest this week is Dr. Paul Cullen, professor of medicine and head of Doctors for Life in Germany, who joins us to discuss the anti-human agenda in the corridors of power and the abuse of science for political and commercial reasons. Be it the elitist Council of Europe or the bureaucratic U.N., Dr. Cullen explains how undemocratic think-tanks cook up authoritarian and morally-dubious policies that silently slide towards implementation with virtually no attention from the mainstream media, and how the appropriation (and frequent distortion) of science by governments, corporations and political movements can sometimes lead to its misuse as a tool of manipulation.

"The physician should, and may do nothing else but, preserve life. Whether it is valuable or not, that is none of his business. If he once permits such considerations to influence his actions, the doctor will become the most dangerous man in the state."

(Christof Wilhelm Hufeland, 1806)

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TMR 062 : F. William Engdahl : Seeds of Destruction - The GMO Hidden Agenda

FWilliamEngdahl"If you control oil, you control nations. If you control food, you control people." (Henry Kissinger)*

Author, professor and geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl joins us to discuss his important book Seeds of Destruction : The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation. Delving into the history of globalist agribusiness, with its astonishing connections to US imperialism and even eugenics, William Engdahl delivers an almost prophetic warning. Not only do we have grounds to fear that powerful elites may be manipulating GM science and industry in order to gain control over the world's food supply, it may also be that they are motivated by a hidden ideology: human population reduction.

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TMR 043 : Interview : Dr. Tim Ball : On Depopulation and the Neo-Malthusians

DrTimBallWe are once again joined by Dr. Tim Ball, retired professor of Climatology at the University of Winnipeg, for a detailed interview on the ideology of human population reduction that has hijacked much of the environmental movement. Ignited by Thomas Malthus in the early 19th Century, and fanned into flame by the Neo-Malthusians of the 1960s and '70s, this anti-humanistic ideology became crystallised in the thinking of The Club of Rome; an elitist group, explains Dr. Ball, which pursued the goals of that ideology through the fabrication of a Big Lie - the theory of man-made global warming - and pressed it all to the service of World Government.


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TMR 041 : Interview : Dr. Stanley Monteith : The Population Control Agenda

Dr. Stanley MonteithThis week our guest is once again Dr. Stanley Monteith, retired orthopaedic surgeon, veteran Christian researcher and radio host, who joins us to discuss the thesis of his controversial article, "The Population Control Agenda." Arguing that there exists a hidden agenda within elitist circles to reduce the world's human population by over 90%, Dr. Monteith indicates ways in which he believes this agenda is being implemented in the world today.

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