ARJCsepiaWe welcome once again the teacher, musician and blogger Antony Rotunno, for the second half of a two-part interview on his music albums Through Life (2019) and Adventures In Retrospect (2017). Whereas in the first programme we discussed his most recent album, in this second half we look back at the 2017 album, and informally chat about various subjects as we play some of the songs.

Through Life (2019) and Adventures In Retrospect (2017)—both of which are recommended by TMR—can be heard and purchased via Bandcamp.

Antony has joined us several times throughout the life of TMR for conversations on a variety of subjects.

[All the songs in this podcast are Copyright © 2019 Antony Rotunno, all rights reserved, and used by TMR with kind permission.]

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[The Beatles, critics, meditation, Alfred Hitchcock, Igor Stravinsky, Morton Feldman, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, minimalism, Kurt Vonnegut, avant-garde]



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