TMR 239 : Batman Decoded

BatmanDecode sm"The horse-shoe is the mystic symbol of the Wizard's Foot..."—Hargrave Jennings (1870)

As a welcome distraction from the media's wall-to-wall coverage of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we present the second of TMR's new Movie Roundtable podcasts, in which we welcome back Frank Johnson and Mark Campbell for a lively, entertaining and revelatory discussion on the classic 1966 film Batman, starring Adam West and Burt Ward.

Well-known and well-loved, Batman : The Movie (as it's also known), continues to delight audiences around the world as, arguably, one of the finest comic movies of the 1960s. But what if—unknown to the vast majority of people—it turns out that this familiar movie also contains profound hermetic messages, buried deep within the thinly-veiled symbolism of its colourful screen play? The least likely candidate for such hidden doctrines, one might suppose; and yet maybe therein lies the secret of its power: to telegraph to The Powers That Should Not Be a Grand Plan—a blueprint for world domination ("Today Gotham City, Tomorrow The World" [?])—while the watching masses look on in ignorant bliss.

Applying some of the very principles of deduction depicted in the movie itself, and with careful reference to works by arch theosopher H. P. Blavatski, Rosicrucianism scholar Hargrave Jennings and classic anthropologist Sir James Frazer, we pick through the scenes of the movie and reveal much that has remained hidden (to the uninitiated) since its release in 1966.

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TMR 238 : Assange Hearing Days 1 - 4 by Craig Murray - A Reading

AssangeBadgeFor the first of a short series of slightly "different" podcasts—caused by the curse of general busyness—we take the opportunity to share four important blog posts by former UK ambassador Craig Murray on the first few days of the Julian Assange extradition hearing at Belmarsh Magistrate's Court in London. Expecting that the mainstream media would fail to report fairly on the hearing, Craig Murray travelled to London to witness the beginning of the process for himself, and reported on the general atmosphere and legal detail of each day.

  • All the reports in this podcast are by Craig Murray. They are spoken by Julian Charles, who does not guarantee that his performance is error free! Please check the original blogs if anything is unclear.

  • TMR would like to thank Craig Murray for his tireless activism in the pursuit of truth and freedom and for making these blog posts freely available for reposting.

  • TMR would also like to thank for making the images used for this podcast freely available.


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TMR 237 : The Brotherhood of the Bell

MarkFrankYoursTrulyFor TMR's very first Movie Roundtable I am joined by Mark Campbell (of Bowler or Fez Film Reviews) and Frank Johnson (researcher for Chris White's Ancient Aliens Debuked) for a lively and entertaining conversation on the compelling 1970 made-for-TV movie The Brotherhood of the Bell, starring Glenn Ford and Rosemary Forsyth.

The Brotherhood of the Bell tells the story of college professor Dr. Andrew Patterson (Glenn Ford), who as a young student became involved with a mysterious secret society at college called “Beta, Epsilon, Lambda” (acronym “Bel”). Although this turned out well for him for years—his career benefited from his being a member in all kinds of ways, even beyond his knowledge—reality dawns when 22 years later he is called upon to initiate a new member into the Brotherhood and to receive an assignment that he must carry out as an act of loyalty to the Society. Patterson must try to persuade an academic colleague to turn down an important job offer—because the Brotherhood wants someone else in that position—and, in case that colleague should refuse, Patterson is provided with a dossier of information to blackmail that colleague into submission. Reluctantly Patterson carries out the assignment, but the colleague freaks out and commits suicide. Thus, filled with remorse, Patterson decides to break the story to world about the wickedness of the Society and its assignments, but the influence of the Society is much bigger than he realises. Every technique is used against him to undermine his credibility: he loses his job, his wife, his standing in society. Vainly he hopes that the media will help him to blow the whistle, yet the media ends up being manipulated against him. Eventually his boss believes his story, and there's a chink of light at the end of the film as they hit on the idea of persuading other members of the Society to come forward. But does it succeed?

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TMR 234 : The Nephilim Persons' Doughnut Earth Expedition

NephDoughnutWould you sip a drink made with elephant dung? Are you brave enough to perform DIY cat surgery? Will Uri Geller stop Brexit by the power of his mind? And will Frank Johnson raise enough cash through this evening's kickstarter to fund his expedition to the centre of the Doughnut Earth to look for jam?

These (and other important questions) are answered as we kick off 2020 here at TMR with our annual New Year's Eve show—a crazy roundtable chat with high-ranking members of The Fireside Nephilim Persons, the secret society affiliated to The Mind Renewed, Like Flint Radio and The Iron Show.

Join us—GK and Crusy (of Like Flint Radio), Johnny Iron (of the Iron Show), Jenifer Thyssen (classical singer), Frank Johnson (Doughnut Earth researcher), Mark Campbell (TMR's roving reporter), Jeff Bankens (strongman), Bob Purse (singer-songwriter), Mrs Trellis (from North Wales), Donald Trump (President of the USA), Chook (a chook from Down Under), Jeff Goldblum's Laugh and Yours Truly—as we put aside the cares of this world for two short hours and chat our socks off in aid of Frank's research.

Be there, or be square!

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