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"Look at where the money's coming from. Now the money has strings attached. People give the WHO money, but they say: 'We want you to do this, or study that, and we want you to use our consultants and our experts and our scientists.' Many of them come from Pharma. Pharma has pretty much completely infiltrated this organisation."—Dr Pierre Kory

With the kind permission of the FLCCC Alliance, TMR presents an important and impassioned lecture by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA, who heads up the FLCCC Alliance.

Complementing our December interview with Professor Paul Marik, which explored the role of the effective, well-tolerated and inexpensive drug ivermectin in the fight against COVID-19, in this lecture Dr Kory goes further to deliver a broader message: a message about the ways in which the medical-industrial complex—involving entities such as the so-called World Health Organisation, BigPharma, and national health agencies, medical journals and mainstream media (particularly in the West)—seem to be acting systematically to suppress ivermectin as a treatment for, or prophylaxis against, COVID-19, because it threatens to stand in the way of massive corporate profits.

Upcoming Programmes


We shall be joined by Jeremiah Allen, a Christian entrepreneur now living in Belize, for a conversation on trusting in God in a world of "disruptions". Over the last year or so our lives have been disrupted in many ways (some of us more than others) by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, and many vested interests seem intent on ensuring that the disruptions will continue into the forseeable future. How might the believer in God—and specifically the Christian—best react to this situation?

"Jeremiah is a 41-year-old former US Army soldier and Iraqi war veteran ('04-'05). After leaving military service, he worked as a Computer Network Security Expert for the US Missile Defense Agency. In 2013, he left his lucrative career and relocated his wife & two children to pursue ministry in Belize as an entrepreneur. Jeremiah is passionate about Jesus and sharing the Good News with others by living out the Great Commission in everyday life."


In-between interviews, we shall continue the TMR Movie Roundtable sessions with a growing list of titles that connect with themes covered on the podcast over the last several years.

On the list at the moment—and in no definite order—are: THX 1138, George Lucas's first feature film from 1971, starring Donald Pleasance and Robert Duvall; Minority Report, the conceptual-science-fiction action film from 2002, starring Tom Cruise; Close Encounters of the Third Kind (which needs no introduction); and Hearts and Minds, the famous documentary film about the Vietnam War from 1974, directed by Peter Davis. Also 1984, starring John Hurt, and Fahrenheit 451.

We may even be doing The Sound of Music with Johnny Iron! :)

(Other films are also being considered. If you have any suggestions, do let me know.)

Our roundatble guests will be drawn from the usual talented crew—Frank Johnson, Mark Campbell, GK, Johnny Iron, Jenifer Thyssen and Anthony Rotunno—but you never know, the guest list keeps growing, so there's no telling what will happen.


We shall welcome once again the one and only Alan "Howling Laud" Hope, leader of the UK's Official Monster Raving Loony Party, for an interview on his new book "The Great White Hope : The Life and Times of Alan ‘Howling Laud’ Hope".

"Alan ‘Howling Laud’ Hope – Hampshire lad, father, grandfather, Rock and Roll star, hotelier, publican, Mayor of Ashburton, and Leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. The longest serving Party Leader in Great Britain in over 150 years. A man who has rubbed shoulders with Prime Ministers and Rock Stars, and everyone in between. A man who enjoys life. A life of many highs, and some lows. If you have an interest in politics, are excited by Rock and Roll, or both, you should read this book and trace Alan’s life from the birth of Rock and Roll to today’s political confusions. And for the very first time, you can read the full story of when Alan sent The Beatles packing with their tails between their legs in December 1961. Alan has lived his life to the full. Or better, has lived all his lives to the full. Some might say that Alan takes the ‘P’ out of ‘Politics’. But Alan would just say: “It’s all been ‘Sutch’ good fun!” "—Publicity


We hope to be joined once again by the theologian and lecturer Dr. Martin Erdmann, Director of the Verax Institute, for an interview on Volume Five—"A Religious Quest for an Ideal Society"— of his massive five-volume magnum opus, The Triumph of Progressivism.

"American Civil Religion is the most effective rival religion to true Christianity in the US"—Martin Erdmann

As a fish is unaware of the water in which it swims, so the majority of Americans do not perceive that there exists in the US today a state religion, incompatible with true Christianity, yet not openly opposed to it. Feeding on the many symbols, events, ideals and heroes of America's history and public life, and borrowing from the language and metaphors of Christianity, this state religion vies for the allegiance of every citizen. Arguing that every state cultivates its own particular brand of civil religion, Dr. Erdmann encourages us to stand firm when our allegiance to Christ is challenged by the state, and advises us to remain vigilant as we approach the days of a global civil religion.

May God bless you, and thanks for listening,


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