Update—Friday 27th March


For those who may be wondering: Yes, we're OK. And I very much hope that all of you out there are keeping well too. (Thanks for the messages.)

All being well, the next podcast will be coming out in the middle of next week—01.04.2020, to be specific. It won't be a response to the current coronavirus pandemic. I did think about doing something on that, but two reasons dissuaded me. First, quite frankly I'm undecided as to what to think about it. There are so many conflicting interpretations on all aspects of this pandemic, that I remain in "wait-and-see" mode on most questions. (And don't forget, that's one of the characteristics of TMR—to visit subjects with the benefit of hindsight (usually), rather than jumping in with opinions that later need major revision.) So, I might do something later (if, God-willing, I'm still here to do so), but I'll wait until things seem clearer to me. And secondly, given the wall-to-wall coverage of the outbreak, from which it's almost impossible to escape for five minutes, I thought it might be more beneficial to produce something on an entirely different subject in order to provide at least a modicum of relief from the doom and gloom.

So, next Wednesday, I invite you to sit back, unplug your ears from the apocalyptic news reports, and plug in to the second of our TMR movie review podcasts—"Batman Decoded"—as Frank, Mark and Yours Truly analyse the wonderful 1966 film starring Adam West and Burt Ward: Batman!

(And if you're thinking: "What's that got to do with TMR?", then listen in and find out.)


Previous Message—07 March 2020

Oh well, my plans to produce something this week have been dashed. As I said in the last podcast, busyness is such at the moment that it will be three weeks or so before I can get back to the normal schedule. So, I've decided that in the meantime I shall try to put out some "different" podcasts as and when I can. What they will be, or when they will come out, I cannot say, but all being well they're coming. Stay tuned...

...and thanks for listening,


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For the first of a short series of slightly "different" podcasts—caused by the curse of general busyness—we take the opportunity to share four important blog posts by former UK ambassador Craig Murray on the first few days of the Julian Assange extradition hearing at Belmarsh Magistrate's Court in London. Expecting that the mainstream media would fail to report fairly on the hearing, Craig Murray travelled to London to witness the beginning of the process for himself, and reported on the general atmosphere and legal detail of each day.

Upcoming Programmes


We shall welcome once again the theologian and lecturer Dr. Martin Erdmann, Director of the Verax Institute, for a follow-up interview on the subject of Civil Religion.

"American Civil Religion is the most effective rival religion to true Christianity in the US"—Martin Erdmann

As a fish is unaware of the water in which it swims, so the majority of Americans do not perceive that there exists in the US today a state religion, incompatible with true Christianity, yet not openly opposed to it. Feeding on the many symbols, events, ideals and heroes of America's history and public life, and borrowing from the language and metaphors of Christianity, this state religion vies for the allegiance of every citizen. Arguing that every state cultivates its own particular brand of civil religion, Dr. Erdmann encourages us to stand firm when our allegiance to Christ is challenged by the state, and advises us to remain vigilant as we approach the days of a global civil religion.


We shall welcome again the Yorkshire-born journalist, educator, photographer and political activist John Booth—who joined us in 2016 to discuss his excellent article, "Fifteen Years on from 9/11"—for a conversation on the alleged suicide of British weapons expert Dr. David Kelly.

John Booth—whose career in journalism has included working for news organisations in Africa, the US and the UK—currently writes for Lobster magazine (http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk) and LAFZ (the magazine for Pakistani diaspora — http://www.lafzmagazine.com). He is also a founder member of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.


We shall be joined by Dr. Matthew R. X. Dentith, editor of the new academic book Taking Conspiracy Theories Seriously, published by Rowman & Littlefield (November 2018).

The interview will explore Dr. Dentith's own research, as a PhD philosopher, on Conspiracy Theory Theory, and include discussion of various views as expressed in the edited collection.

Matthew Dentith, PhD (Auckland), is the author of The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories (Palgrave, 2014), the first single-author book-length treatment of the philosophical issues surrounding conspiracy theory, and editor of Taking Conspiracy Theories Seriously (Rowman and Littlefield, 2018), an edited collection of the most recent work on conspiracy theory theory. He has been a Fellow in the Institute for Research in the Humanities (ICUB) at the University of Bucharest, and the New Europe College in Bucharest. His current research project focuses on conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory theory, and secrecy.  

May God bless you, and thanks for listening,


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