PaulCullenOur guest this week is Dr. Paul Cullen, professor of medicine and head of Doctors for Life in Germany, who joins us to discuss the anti-human agenda in the corridors of power and the abuse of science for political and commercial reasons. Be it the elitist Council of Europe or the bureaucratic U.N., Dr. Cullen explains how undemocratic think-tanks cook up authoritarian and morally-dubious policies that silently slide towards implementation with virtually no attention from the mainstream media, and how the appropriation (and frequent distortion) of science by governments, corporations and political movements can sometimes lead to its misuse as a tool of manipulation.

"The physician should, and may do nothing else but, preserve life. Whether it is valuable or not, that is none of his business. If he once permits such considerations to influence his actions, the doctor will become the most dangerous man in the state."

(Christof Wilhelm Hufeland, 1806)

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