SGTreport, "2016 X-Files Exposes Elite's Genocidal Plan: From Global Banking Collapse to Alien Deception", SGTreport YouTube channel (25 January 2016)

 A long-time listener − indeed, a friend of the show kindly drew my attention to this short video commentary by SGT Report on the new The X-Files miniseries. In the commentary, they show clips from the I-think-poorly-scripted programme in which a large collection of "conspiracy theories"and, indeed, conspiracy theoriesis discussed. This being mainstream TV, SGT report asks: Why are they doing this? Why are they allowed to do this?

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So, why might they be doing this?

1) Well, for one thing it might continue the strategy of lumping genuine questions in with bogus ones. Of course, this is a matter of opinion (but then so is pretty much everything else), but I cannot personally put alien technology in the same category of Things To Be Concerned About as global corporate fascism, or the impending financial meltdown. That aliens from outer space have visited us seems implausible to me (not least because I don't see why they would bother); that there is a Global Superclass that thinks it has a God-given, or perhaps a Natural-Selection-given, right to rule the planet seems just plainly obvious to me. Whatever, by lumping less-than-compelling issues in with compelling ones, everything is ripe for ridicule.

2) Is this truth going mainstream?, asks SGT Report. Well, yes, in a sense; but not if, by the word "truth", we mean: "reality revealed for the purposes of enlightenment". After all, simply to say something doesn't mean you intend people to understand it. Consider the following. We know from the work of people like Tom Secker that the military-industrial-complex is heavily involved in mainstream media productions, and so The X-Files is probably caught up in that too. Why, then, would the powers-that-should-not-be wish to disclose so much? (Even if we bracket out those things which we might find less than credible, isn't this still an amazing self-revelation?) Well, the key is this: Fiction. What happens when you inject truth into fiction? You fictionalise truth. Then when people hear you say, "I'm really worried about the growing police state" or "I'm suspicious of the intentions of global agribusiness", they are likely to say: "Oh, so you're a fantasy head. You think this stuff is real. Ah, right."

3) On the other hand, maybe it's just entertainment.

2016 X-Files Exposes (or Manages?) Elite's Genocidal Plan
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