Platos Cave, "Witnessing 9/11: Explosions & Explosives", Platos Cave YouTube channel (05 January 2016)

A great video compilation of eyewitness statements about the demise of the Twin Towers, clearly showing that many people suspected very early on that these building had been brought down, not just by aeroplane impacts plus fire, but also through the use of additional explosives.


"A 15 minute compilation of eyewitness statements about the destruction of WTC 1 & 2, including some from the FDNY oral histories released in 2005, news reports and footage from the 2011 NIST FOIA data release. A lot of the footage will probably be familiar to you, but I used a few less well-known clips here too. I made the aspect ratio of all the clips consistent, which will hopefully make them more suitable for others to downloadand use. Please share this video, like, and comment." (Platos Cave)
Witnessing 9/11: Explosions & Explosives

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