Tom Secker, "Biggest ever FOIA release from Pentagon Entertainment Liaison Offices", (12 July 2015)


 Tom Secker of reports on receiving over 1600 pages of new material, in response to his FOIA request, from the Entertainment Liaison Offices of the US Army and the US Air Force, which he describes as "the biggest public release of documents from the DOD's propaganda office".

Tom writes:

"The sheer scale of the Army and the Air Force's involvement in TV shows, particularly reality TV shows, is the most remarkable thing about these files. American Idol, The X-Factor, Masterchef, Cupcake Wars, numerous Oprah Winfrey shows, Ice Road Truckers, Battlefield Priests, America’s Got Talent, Hawaii Five-O, lots of BBC, History Channel and National Geographic documentaries, War Dogs, Big Kitchens – the list is almost endless.  And this is alongside blockbuster movies like Godzilla , Transformers, Aloha and Superman: Man of Steel."
American Idol PSYOP


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