BBC News: "Amazon Testing Drones for Deliveries", 02 December 2013.


Chief Executive Jeff Bezos hails "Octocopters" as the future for Amazon's delivery service. In a few years from now, customers placing orders weighing 2.3 kg or less could find a small drone landing on their door step carrying the coveted product in its robotic tentacles. No more need for the snail's pace of the traditional van-plus-human-being, these little critters will vastly improve efficiency and customer satisfaction by getting from A to B within an astonishing 30 minutes! Not long now!

"Civilian air space is expected to be opened up to all kinds of drones in the US by 2015 and in Europe by 2016."

Just watch the amazing video released by Amazon! What a great service! And who knows, perhaps one day these buzzing couriers will help to "protect" us all too! At the very least, they might help to normalise a drone-infested sky in which airborne microphones and cameras provide that extra bit of "national security"? Who in their right mind could object to that?




Image source: "Octocopter" by FaceMePLS on Flickr (CC BY 2.0); resized and cropped.

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