"Silicon Valley and WEF-Backed Foundation Announce Global Initiative for COVID-19 Vaccine Records", (15 January 2021)

Given the UK government's determination to trial vaccine passes (in spite of a recent "COVID-Status Certification Review" that claimed to be a public consultation, but which looks to me like a lying sop*), I highly recommend this article by Whitney Webb from earlier this year. The article introduces the Vaccination Credential Initiative and explores the many spider's-web-like connections between Big Tech, Intelligence contractors, healthcare companies and oligarchs that are advocating and advancing digital certification and digital ID.

Does this help to explain why the UK government (and others) seem so keen to push ahead with COVID certificates and passports irrespective of public opinion? Are their hands effectively tied by our global Technocractic overlords?

Maybe—and here I allow myself a moment of conspiratorial speculation—it even helps to explain the origin and prolongation of the pandemic itself.

[* Yes, I know, I responded to Michael Gove's Review, and I asked others to do so too. I felt it was a sop at the time, but I thought it better to respond than to keep quiet. At the very least, voices of opposition (which I suspect are in the majority) will have impressed upon them that they push ahead with this agenda against the majority will of the people.]

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