TMR z"COVID-19 Management With Dr. Paul Marik - Author Of MATH+ Protocol", DrBeen Medical Lectures YouTube channel (16 September 2020)

This discussion is excellent and important in my view. Dr. Paul Marik of East Virginia Medical School (EVMS), author of the MATH+ Protocol, describes the viral-replication and inflammatory stages of CoViD-19 and stresses the importance of the right treatments at the right time. That sounds obvious, but he contends that that's not always going on in hospitals, and that some of that may stem from the profit motives of Big Pharma. (I found the discussion on viral debris particularly fascinating. Please do watch this.)

(Again, please be aware that I am NOT a medical doctor. I have no training in medicine whatsoever. Please do not take this posting as medical advice in any way. I am simply sharing with you something of interest.)

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