TMR v"L-Lysine - Saving Lives in Dominican Republic", Dr. Jennifer Hibberd YouTube Channel (15 August 2020)

This is another "must see" video in my humble and medically-untrained opinion. Dr. Jennifer Hibberd—who, I confess, I know nothing about, but I think she might be a dentist—speaks to a man called Bo Karlicki (who admits to not being a medical professional) who lives in the Dominican Republic and who claims that he has had personal success in managing Covid-19 with a food supplement called L-Lysine. Now, if all that sounds like satire (which wouldn't be unknown on TMR), let me assure you it isn't.

As to whether there's anything to his claims however, I don't know, but I have found some literature on the Internet that seems to be consistent with some of the things he says. But I know next to nothing about him, or Dr. Hibberd, and I have absolutely no idea if "L-Lysine" is useful for the purpose he suggests. But I do find it intriguing, and certainly, in my view, something worth keeping an eye on as the search for treatments continues.

Update: Here is a link to "" which gives more information about the ideas.

(Again, please be aware that I am NOT a medical doctor. I have no training in medicine whatsoever, so please do not take this posting as medical advice in any way. I am simply sharing with you something of interest.)

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