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Latest Podcasts

TMR 237 : The Brotherhood of the Bell


For TMR's very first Movie Roundtable I am joined by Mark Campbell (of Bowler or Fez Film Reviews) and Frank Johnson (researcher for Chris White's Ancient Aliens Debuked) for a lively and entertaining conversation on the compelling 1970 made-for-TV movie The Brotherhood of the Bell, starring Glenn Ford and Rosemary...


TMR 236 : Dr. John H. Walton : The Lost World of the Flood


What kind of narrative is Noah's Flood? Is it history or myth? Or are we, by even asking such a question, imposing our modern concepts on ancient Scripture? We welcome once again Dr. John H. Walton—Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and Graduate School, Illinois—for a conversation on the fascinating...


TMR 235 : Keith Giles : Jesus Unveiled


Would many of today's churches be recognisable to the earliest Christians? Did Jesus envisage cathedrals with mitre-adorned bishops or megachurches with suit-wearing pastors? Or has something important been lost—or, at least, obscured from full vision—over the centuries? We are joined by Keith Giles—author of the well-known "Jesus Un..." series—for a bracing...


TMR 234 : The Nephilim Persons' Doughnut Earth Expedition


Would you sip a drink made with elephant dung? Are you brave enough to perform DIY cat surgery? Will Uri Geller stop Brexit by the power of his mind? And will Frank Johnson raise enough cash through this evening's kickstarter to fund his expedition to the centre of the Doughnut...


TMR 233 : R. L. Solberg : TORAHISM


Is Christmas a pagan festival? Must Christians keep the Law of Moses? We are joined by R. L. Solberg—author of the excellent new book TORAHISM : Are Christians Required to Keep the Law of Moses?—for a conversation on his book-length critique of the so-called Hebrew Roots Movement and the ways in...


TMR 232 : General Election Special with "Howling Laud…


"If you don’t usually vote, then vote unusually. Vote for me!" For TMR's General Election Special—in anticipation of the UK General (S)election on 12th December—we welcome to the programme once again Alan "Howling Laud" Hope, leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. Back in 2017, "Howling Laud" joined us to discuss...


TMR 231 : Bob Purse : The Many Moods of Bob


"When did Wild Bill Hickok die? What was Liberace's favourite pie?" — "What's this grey stuff in the sink? When will clams become extinct?" If these are things you need to know—and, believe me, they are—then do take a while to listen to TMR's latest chat with the talented singer-songwriter Bob...


TMR 230 : Prof. Ian Hutchinson : Can a Scientist Believe in …


"Can a scientist believe in miracles?" We welcome Prof. Ian Hutchinson, Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT, for a conversation on his highly-informative and provocatively-entitled book, Can a Scientist Believe in Miracles? : An MIT Professor Answers Questions on God and Science, InterVarsity Press (2018). "Ian Hutchinson is a plasma...


TMR 229 : Dr. Joshua Rasmussen : How Reason Can Lead to God


We welcome Dr. Joshua Rasmussen (PhD, Notre Dame), associate professor of philosophy at Azusa Pacific University, for an interview on his fascinating new book, How Reason Can Lead to God : A Philosopher's Bridge to Faith, published by InterVarsity Press (2019). "Do you value reason, science, and independent thinking? Are you...


TMR 228 : Gerry et al & Richard Gage : Update on 9/11 Re…


We are joined by Gerry, David and "Hitstirrer", members of the informal engineering research group "The 9/11 Accountability Team"—with links to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth—for a (rather unconventional) roundtable discussion on their ongoing research. Back in 2018, as many listeners will recall, we decided to shelve a conversation with...


TMR 227 : Antony Rotunno : Adventures In Retrospect


We welcome once again the teacher, musician and blogger Antony Rotunno, for the second half of a two-part interview on his music albums Through Life (2019) and Adventures In Retrospect (2017). Whereas in the first programme we discussed his most recent album, in this second half we look back at...


TMR 226 : Philip Kraske : 11/9 and the Terrorist Who Loved B…


In the run-up to the eighteenth anniversary of 9/11, we welcome the author Philip Kraske for a conversation on his exciting new novel, 11/9 and the Terrorist Who Loved Bonsai Trees, a thriller that—though it is a work of fiction designed to intrigue and entertain—also imaginatively explores possibilities that might...


TMR 225 : Joel Furches : Researching Deconversion


We are joined by the behavioural psychologist and Christian thinker Joel Furches for a conversation on his ongoing research into the contemporary phenomenon of deconversion from Christianity to Atheism. Drawing upon his background in psychology, sociology and education, Joel shares with us patterns he is finding in case-study data that may...


TMR 224 : Antony Rotunno : Through Life


We welcome once again our good friend, the teacher, musician and blogger Antony Rotunno, for the first half of a two-part interview on his latest album Through Life (2019). In this first programme, quite personal at times, we chat about issues related to the music—love and war, inspiration and influence—and...


TMR 223 : Brian Clegg : Before the Big Bang ?


The Big Bang theory is well-established, but how complete is it? Does it describe the absolute beginning of physical reality, or is there perhaps more to be discovered that might place it in a broader cosmic context? We welcome the award-winning British science writer Brian Clegg, author of dozens of popular...


TMR 222 : Michael Basham : Jedi for Jesus


We welcome Michael Basham—Master Jedi Time Lord of Space City New Jerusalem (and host of the Spirit Wars podcast)—for an entertaining, unpredictable and at-times-poignant conversation on the subjects of Christian podcasting and his own experience of having once been involved in The Family International, a New Religious Movement previously known...


TMR 220 : Patrick M. Wood : Technocracy - The Hard Road to W…


We are joined once again by Patrick M. Wood, Editor-in-Chief of Technocracy News and Trends, who returns to the programme to discuss his latest book—Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order. In Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order, Patrick Wood traces the development of the United Nations' doctrine of Sustainable...


TMR 219 : Madam Bell Caps : On Witnesses to The Dorset Ooser


"Things go missing. Things get moved from room to room. And things happen in the gardens. It's strange. One day there's a beautiful crop of something; the next morning 'tis all gone, or 'tis all rotten on the trees. How do you explain that?"—Madam Bell Caps We are joined by our...


ATJCAntony Rotunno

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  • Previous conversation with A. Rotunno : On Changing the Discourse
  • Audio Essay featured on TMR
  • Antony Rotunno (who welcomes feedback) can be contacted at the following email address: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>


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Acknowledgements & Copyright

The short audio excerpts used in this podcast are Copyright their respective copyright holders, and are included here solely for the purposes of commentary and criticism; they are therefore used in the spirit of Fair Use: Yes Minister (BBC); Being There (United Artists); George Carlin (HBO).

The audio from James Corbett's 9/11 : A Conspiracy Theory appears here courtesy of The Corbett Report (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Podcast music: An excerpt from the so-called "little list" song from Act I of The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan; Victor 78rpm Album C-26 (02044 - 02065), recorded June 3-22, 1936; digital transfer by F. Reeder; [], (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Slide show image: "On the Run" by Byzantine_K on Flickr (CC BY 2.0); cropped, resized, aspect ratio altered


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