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Latest Podcasts

TMR 300 : Thirteen Days (2000) (Movie Roundtable)


For episode 300 of TMR—the 14th of our Movie Roundtables—we welcome back our good friends Mark Campbell, Frank Johnson and Antony Rotunno for a four-way discussion on the historical political thriller Thirteen Days (2000), starring Bruce Greenwood, Stephen Culp, Dylan Baker and Kevin Costner, directed by Roger Donaldson. Based upon the...


TMR 299 : Is Satan Woke? (With Rev Phill Sacre and Julian Ch…


We are joined once again by Rev Phill Sacre—an ordained minister (Church of England) and host of the YouTube channel "Sacred Musings"—for another thought-provoking and wide-ranging "post-covid" conversation in the series: "Following Christ in the New Old Normal". Strange as it might seem—given that Phill's ordained, and I'm a Methodist lay...


TMR 298 : Jacob Hornberger : JFK's War with the US National …


We welcome to the programme Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation in the US, for an interview on the historical and political circumstances leading up to the assassination of John F Kennedy on the 22nd of November 1963. Centering in the thesis that Kennedy's assassination is best...


TMR 297 : Paul E Marik, MD : Eating Well, Fasting & Heal…


We welcome again Paul Marik, M.D., a former tenured Professor of Medicine and former Chief of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) in Norfolk, Virginia, US, and now Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC). Dr...


TMR 296 : Dr Joshua Rasmussen : Who Are You, Really?


We are joined again by Dr Joshua Rasmussen (PhD, Notre Dame), associate professor of philosophy at Azusa Pacific University, for an in-depth—and, at times, somewhat mind-bending—conversation on his latest book, Who Are You, Really? : A Philosopher's Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of Persons. In the book, published by...


TMR 295 : DOWNFALL (2004) (Movie Roundtable)


For the 13th TMR Movie Roundtable we welcome back our good friends Frank Johnson, Antony Rotunno and Mark Campbell for a discussion on the superb 2004 German-language war drama, Downfall ("Der Untergang") starring Bruno Ganz and directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. Based in part upon the memoirs of Hitler's last personal secretary, Gertraud...


TMR 294 : Andy Jennings : Eyes to See & Ears to Hear


"I think Jesus wants us to have a paradigm where we notice His truth and His beauty everywhere."—Andy Jennings We welcome back to the programme Andy Jennings—the brilliant singer-songwriter of the Christian indie band Dissident Prophet—for a wide-ranging conversation as part of the ongoing series here at TMR called: "Following Christ...


TMR 293 : James Roguski : WHO Pandemic Treaty & IHR Amen…


"The World Health Organization is attempting a global power grab."—James Roguski We are joined by the researcher, author and activist James Roguski for an interview on the World Health Organisation's proposed "Pandemic Treaty" and on its ongoing negotations to amend the International Health Regulations. As James explains: "The World Health Organization is...


TMR 292 : TMR Survey


This is a shorter-than-usual podcast in which I ask listeners a few important questions about the future "direction" of TMR. After that—as an excuse for a bit of fun, really—I take the opportunity to share one of my fake phone-ins. (Yes, you read that right!) Each week, at the invitation of...


TMR 291 : The Nephilim Chaps' Prosthetic Skydive


Is a bee that identifies as a bee no longer a fish? How many covid boosters do you need to avoid a traffic accident? What's the difference between a lettuce and a UK Prime Minister? And will Frank Bot raise enough cash through this evening's kickstarter to fund their/prosecute/Fauci engineering...


TMR 290 : A Very British Coup (Special TMR Roundtable)


For this special TMR Movie Roundtable, we welcome back the veteran British journalist John Booth—who joins Mark Campbell, Antony Rotunno and Yours Truly—for an extended four-way conversation on the highly perceptive and well-made British TV series from 1988 entitled A Very British Coup. Based upon the 1982 novel of the same...


TMR 289 : Dr Paul Greenall : Truth4Parliament


"Party politics is broken. It's time for independents."—Paul Greenall We welcome to the programme the psychologist Dr Paul Greenall for an interview on his campaign to stand as an independent candidate for Member of Parliament here in the UK, and on the role of the so-called "pandemic" in shaping his current...


TMR 288 : Jeremiah Allen : Spiritual Fruit for the Days Ahea…


"History began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become gods."—Yuval Noah Harari We welcome back to the programme Jeremiah Allen, a Christian entrepreneur now living in Belize, for a wide-ranging interview as part of the ongoing conversation here at TMR called: "Following Christ in the New Old Normal." In...


TMR 287 : Soylent Green (1973) (Movie Roundtable)


For the 11th of our TMR Movie Roundtables we welcome back our good friends Mark Campbell, Frank Johnson and Antony Rotunno for a four-way discussion on the 1973 eco-dystopian thriller movie Soylent Green, starring Charlton Heston, Leigh Taylor-Young and Edward G Robinson, directed by Richard Fleischer. By 2022, the processes of...


TMR 286 : Matt Le Tissier : Two and a Half Years Down the Li…


"They are not really in control. We have an illusion of democracy in this country. If you think Boris is the one making the decisions, if you think that Liz Truss is going to be the one making the decisions for this country, then I'm afraid you're completely out of...


TMR 285 : Dissecting the BBC's "Unvaccinated" (wit…


We welcome back our good friend Antony Rotunno—host of Life and Life Only podcast— for a conversation on the BBC's recent self-styled "documentary" entitled "Unvaccinated". The programme was billed as an "eye-opening investigation" hosted by mathematician and British TV personality Professor Hannah Fry, the aim of which (according to the BBC)...


TMR 284 : Pastor Stephen Buckley : Weep, Wake & Fear Not


"He closed your church, and you've fallen asleep the moment you've returned."—Steve Buckley We welcome to the programme Pastor Stephen Buckley, leader of My King Church in Greater Manchester UK, for an interview as part of the ongoing conversation here at TMR called: "Following Christ in the New Old Normal." In the...


TMR 283 : Dr Piers Robinson : Cock-up or Conspiracy? Underst…


"The stakes could not be higher, and it has never been more essential to seriously engage with uncomfortable possibilities – even if that means interrogating explanations that move beyond reducing what we are all experiencing to blunder and incompetence."—Dr Piers Robinson We welcome to the programme Dr Piers Robinson—co-director of the...



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