We welcome back to the programme Dr. Mobeen Syed, MD, MS—(and his famous cat, Loofy!)—for an interview on "Ivermectin Mechanisms of Action with Respect to COVID-19". More widely known as "Dr Been", Dr. Syed is CEO and founder of Drbeen : Personalized Medical Education and host of the excellent Drbeen Medical Lectures YouTube channel.

Back in December, we were joined by Professor Paul Marik, M.D., who introduced us to the "I-MASK+ Protocol" for COVID-19, central to which is the cheap, plentiful and well-tolerated drug ivermectin—a substance which, in Dr. Marik's opinion, has the potential (when correctly administered by medical doctors) to save countless lives.

But how, in this context, is ivermectin understood to work?

Drawing upon his knowledge and skill as a practising doctor and teacher of medical concepts, Dr. Syed gently leads us through the complex biochemistry—with helpful illustrations—and provides us some insights into the ways by which ivermectin might work in the fight against COVID-19.

[Dr. Syed joined us back in the summer to talk about food supplements and COVID-19.]

(NB: Nothing said in this podcast should be understood as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before taking any medications or making any changes to your diet by way of food supplements.)

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