JohnHWaltonDid God really create the world in six days? Or is the Bible actually saying something subtly different? Did God make Eve from Adam's rib? Or is that a misreading of the text?

To discuss these and other absorbing questions arising from his fascinating-yet-controversial book, The Lost World of Adam and Eve, we are joined by Dr. John H. Walton, Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and Graduate School, Illinois. Analysing Genesis chapters 2 and 3 in the context of other Ancient Near East literature, Walton proposes literary and theological understandings of the "Adam and Eve" narrative that in some ways complement—yet in other ways challenge—traditional interpretations.

Prior to his current position as Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and Graduate School, Dr. Walton was Professor of Old Testament at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago for twenty years. Some of his other books include: The Lost World of Scripture, The Lost World of Genesis One, Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament and The Essential Bible Companion.

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