NickPetersTo begin the summer season of programmes here at TMR, we welcome back Nick Peters of Deeper Waters Christian Ministries, who joins us for an in-depth discussion on the subject of Mythicism, or Christ Myth Theory.

Was Jesus of Nazareth a real person of history? Or was he, perhaps, originally a mythical character, whose story gradually came to be understood as historical through processes of allegorisation and misunderstanding? Alternatively, was he a Roman invention? With reference to some of the ideas of writers such as Earl Doherty, Richard Carrier, Robert M. Price and Joseph Atwill, we discuss the plausibility of mythicists' attempts to revise the history of Christian origins, and conclude that the hypothesis of Jesus' existence best fits the evidence.

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[mythicism, Jesus myth theory, apologetics, aspergers, autism, Volney, Dupuis, Bruno Bauer, GA Wells, Robert M Price, Earl Doherty, Richard Carrier, Jospeh Atwill, Acharya S, Ascension of Isaiah, Pilate, Caiaphas, Tacitus, Josephus, Celsus, Pliny, Kersey Graves, Gerald Massey, Denis MacDonald, Ken Humphreys, Bart Ehrman, Mark Goodacre, Graeco-Roman biography, Colin Hemer, Testimonium Flavianum, Mithras, Dionysis, Attis, Osiris, Isis, Horus, Internet, alternative media]



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