DrFrankLeggeWhat was it that blew a hole in the Pentagon on 9/11? Was it really American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757? Or was it a much smaller aircraft? A missile, perhaps? Or just pre-planted explosives?

Joining us to discuss these questions is Dr. Frank Legge, PhD chemist and long-standing researcher into 9/11, who shares with us from his research the many reasons why he believes it is now established beyond reasonable doubt that AA Flight 77 did in fact hit the Pentagon that day.

Insisting nevertheless that the overall evidence of 9/11 unambiguously speaks of an "inside job", Dr. Legge warns of the dangers of dogmatism within the 9/11 Truth Movement, and explains why he sees 9/11 as a transnational elitist crime aimed ultimately at authoritarian One-World Government.

Dr. Legge states: "Those who wish to promote the truth about 9/11 are urged to focus on the controlled demolition of the three skyscrapers at the World Trade Centre, and to avoid discussing the Pentagon, if possible. It is easy to show that these skyscrapers were felled by controlled demolition. Activists should, however, prepare themselves to discuss the Pentagon, as they will be pressed by members of the public to do so. The best preparation is to study carefully the scientific analysis of the evidence, as in the referenced papers."

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