DrPierreKory"Look at where the money's coming from. Now the money has strings attached. People give the WHO money, but they say: 'We want you to do this, or study that, and we want you to use our consultants and our experts and our scientists.' Many of them come from Pharma. Pharma has pretty much completely infiltrated this organisation."—Dr Pierre Kory

With the kind permission of the FLCCC Alliance, TMR presents an important and impassioned lecture by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA, who heads up the FLCCC Alliance.

Complementing our December interview with Professor Paul Marik, which explored the role of the effective, well-tolerated and inexpensive drug ivermectin in the fight against COVID-19, in this lecture Dr Kory goes further to deliver a broader message: a message about the ways in which the medical-industrial complex—involving entities such as the so-called World Health Organisation, BigPharma, and national health agencies, medical journals and mainstream media (particularly in the West)—seem to be acting systematically to suppress ivermectin as a treatment for, or prophylaxis against, COVID-19, because it threatens to stand in the way of massive corporate profits.

[The audio included in this podcast is Copyright © 2021 FLCCC Alliance, all rights reserved, and used here with express permission.]

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