AssangeBadgeFor the first of a short series of slightly "different" podcasts—caused by the curse of general busyness—we take the opportunity to share four important blog posts by former UK ambassador Craig Murray on the first few days of the Julian Assange extradition hearing at Belmarsh Magistrate's Court in London. Expecting that the mainstream media would fail to report fairly on the hearing, Craig Murray travelled to London to witness the beginning of the process for himself, and reported on the general atmosphere and legal detail of each day.

  • All the reports in this podcast are by Craig Murray. They are spoken by Julian Charles, who does not guarantee that his performance is error free! Please check the original blogs if anything is unclear.

  • TMR would like to thank Craig Murray for his tireless activism in the pursuit of truth and freedom and for making these blog posts freely available for reposting.

  • TMR would also like to thank for making the images used for this podcast freely available.


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