HerrDavidKameronAre you an "extremist"? Of course not; you wouldn't hurt a fly. But are you a "non-violent extremist"?

"What's one of those?" I hear you cry. Well, quite possibly, it's YOU.

The UK Government plans to introduce sweeping new powers called "Extremism Disruption Orders" and "Extremism Banning Orders" to combat individuals and organisations it deems to be "extreme". Who are "extremists"? Well, terrorists, of course. But what about political activists? Religious groups? Anti-religious groups? Trade unionists? Environmental campaigners? Are they "extremists" too? Well, they could be under the Government’s vague proposals: plans that are so opaque, poorly defined and broad in scope that they risk shutting down all kinds of legitimate speech in the UK.

Please support and publicise the Defend Free Speech Campaign, and (if you're in the UK) write to your MP.

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