DrStanFor this first interview in the series entitled: "Does Anybody Really Believe in World Government?", we are joined by retired orthopaedic surgeon, veteran Christian researcher and radio host Dr. Stanley Monteith. Drawing upon Dr. Monteith's decades of research, we discuss the role of secret societies (the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group) in the push towards World Government by a ruling oligarchy.


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Julian Charles: Today is the 25th of January 2013, and welcome to the first in a series of interviews: “Does Anyone Really Believe In World Government?” To begin this series I am honoured to be speaking to Dr. Stanley Monteith, who joins us over the 'phone line from Monterey in California. Dr. Monteith is a retired orthopaedic surgeon, who for many decades has been researching into the causes of America’s spiritual and moral decline, and who, for the last twenty years or so, has been extremely active in speaking and writing on geopolitical matters, and hosting for a gruelling five hours a day a talk radio show, Radio Liberty, which is broadcast across the US, and so far as I know still to the whole world. I have been listening to Radio Liberty on and off since the early 1990s, and so I’m delighted that Dr. Monteith has been able to come on the show. Dr. Stan, thank you very much indeed for agreeing to appear on The Mind Renewed.

Dr. Stanley Monteith: Well, it’s my pleasure to be with you, Julian.

JC: Just before we get going, I’d like to ask you about Monterey. You always say at the beginning of your broadcasts that you are speaking to us from the hills overlooking beautiful and picturesque Monterey Bay, so for those of us who are not familiar with that area of the world, what’s it like to live there?

Dr. Stan: Well, it’s really beautiful. Actually, I live in a place called Soquel in the hills above Santa Cruz, and we look across the Bay at Monterey. Monterey Bay is a beautiful area about seventy miles south of San Francisco along the coast. The Bay must be about thirty to forty miles wide. It’s a beautiful spot, a very temperate climate. I feel blessed to live here. I’ve lived here for over fifty-five years now, and I really wouldn’t want to live any other place.

JC: I’m quite envious. It’s very cold here. Is it cold where you are?

Dr. Stan: Not really, if we get to under freezing, it’s very unusual. No, we have a very temperate climate, one of the best in the whole world, which is why people are attracted to come and live in California.

JC: I wish it was above freezing here. It’s snowing as I speak here in the UK.

Dr. Stan: Well, we almost never have snow in Santa Cruz. Maybe twenty years ago we had a snowstorm; it’s an entirely different world, and we’re blessed to live here.

JC: I’d like to return to the introduction you use on your broadcasts. You go on to say that you’re bringing “the news behind the news” and “the story behind the story.” There’s one such “story behind the story” that you’ve been researching for decades, and that is the connection between secret societies and various, well-known globalist organisations around the world, particularly The Council on Foreign Relations in the US, the Trilateral Commission, and one which has become more well-known in recent years, the Bilderberg Group. So first, could I ask you to explain about the Council on Foreign Relations? What does the CFR itself claim to be? But according to your research, what do you think it is in reality?

Dr. Stan: Well, the Council on Foreign Relations is supposedly just a think-tank addressing the issues that face America, and to some extent America’s foreign policy, and the policies as they affect the world. But in reality, the CFR is a front for a secret society which was created in 1891 by Cecil John Rhodes, after whom Rhodesia, and the Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford, are named. He dreamed about a movement for creating World Government where there would be no more wars, no more hunger, no poverty, everything would be wonderful, and people would live happily ever after. That was basically the dream that Cecil Rhodes had. And he laid out a plan back in 1875; he wrote something called Confession of Faith in which he asked: Why don’t we form a secret society to bring about this utopian World Government.


Now, how do I know about his Confession of Faith? Well, in 1980 I went back to Georgetown University. I went through the papers of a professor named Carroll Quigley, probably one of the most brilliant historians of the last century. He had been a professor at Harvard and at Princeton before he went to Georgetown University, where he became one of the leading historians. He was a brilliant individual. He believed that most people are incapable of handling their own affairs. He believed we need a ruling oligarchy to rule the world, and he was totally in favour of this secret society that Cecil Rhodes had created. But he felt that the public had a right to know; he did not believe in the concept of secrecy. Professor Quigley was a fascinating individual. I spent many weeks going through his papers at Georgetown University before they could be shredded and destroyed, as they were shortly after he died.


But the basic history is this: professor Quigley went to England in about 1946 or 1947, shortly after WWII ended, because he wanted to research the part that the Royal Family and the hierarchy of England played in directing both English and international policy. And while he was there, he became friends with a professor at Oxford named Alfred Zimmern, and after they had become close friends, Zimmern said: “Look, you’re wasting your time, Carroll. You’ll never understand what’s really going on in England unless you understand there’s a secret society. I know, because I was part of that secret society. I left it in 1921 because I disagreed with their policy towards Germany. We fought and won a terrible war against Germany from 1914 to 1918, and then immediately after the war was over the secret society I was part of wanted to form an alliance with Germany and turn against our former ally, France. I felt it was immoral, so I dropped out, but they’re the ones who run England.” Well, Quigley said he was fascinated with this, and he and Zimmern talked a long time about this secret society Zimmern belonged to. Zimmern insisted that Quigley never tell where he got the information on the secret society; he feared for his life, and justifiably so.


Now, how do I know what happened? Well, because when I went through professor Quigley’s papers, I found all the letters that had been exchanged between Zimmern and Quigley. Professor Quigley wrote two books on the subject. One is called The Anglo-American Establishment, which he wrote in 1949, and which details the background to the secret society, and how it controlled England from the early 1900s, and still did in 1949. (No publisher in America would publish the book. It was only published in 1981, about four years after professor Quigley died in 1976, by a man who was frightened to death. I contacted him and asked him to come onto my programme, but he was too afraid. He had gotten a copy of the manuscript out of Quigley’s papers, published the book, and then lived in constant fear they would come after him, because it revealed the existence of this secret society.) Then, in 1966, professor Quigley published his major book on the secret society called: Tragedy and Hope : A History of the World in our Time. The Tragedy was the terrible wars, WWI and WWII, and the Hope was that the secret society would accomplish their goal of creating One-World Government run by a ruling oligarchy, which professor Quigley identified with, and was very close to all of his professional life. But, he wrote about them because he felt that people had a right to know history, and we are indebted to him for revealing it. I know what he revealed is true because I went through his papers. (I copied those papers and distributed them in case somebody came after me and tried to burn down my home or kill me; I have several copies of the papers in other people’s hands. So far nothing has happened to me.)


This secret society that controlled England eventually came to be controlled by a front group called the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which is located at No. 10 St. James’ Square, London. This group controls your government, and it works closely with the Monarchy. Your Parliament in England is simply a front. They don’t make the decisions; the decisions are made by the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the hierarchy that runs it. A comparable group was established in the United States in 1921: the Council on Foreign Relations, located at 58 East 68th Street in New York City. I’ve been there and gone through their files on several occasions. There are comparable groups in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and in most of the members of the British Commonwealth; these groups really join the Commonwealth together.


The average Englishman has no idea, and will never have a chance to learn the truth because your media is controlled. Your electoral system, your so-called democratic process, is totally fraudulent. It is a small elite group, made up of bankers and financiers and educators, who believe in this concept of World Government, and who are using the financial and military power of your country, and my country, to bring about this World Government. That is why the United States today has troops stationed in a hundred and thirty nations, and, as of two weeks ago, it was announced we are going to send our military troops to an additional thirty-five nations in Africa. This is why there’s a war going on in Mali today, where France is acting as a surrogate for the United States. We’re providing the funding and air cover for the French as they take on the Islamists there, who want a separate country of their own. (If they want to have a separate government and country, I think they should, but they’re not going to be allowed to.) America and England (the Anglo-American Establishment) are working together to install dictators who will go along with this idea of World Government. We’ve recently seen them topple the governments of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. They toppled the government of Turkey back in 2002, and now they’ve installed an Islamic government there. They’ve done the same thing in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan. These are all Islamic governments - radical jihadist governments under Sharia law. This is all in preparation for World War III. These men first fight wars to bring peace; they create war after war, because they want to bring about “world peace”, and the best way to change the world is through war. It started with the Boer War, then WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War I, Gulf War II. World War III is coming; all we can do is warn people to prepare for the very difficult times that lie ahead.

The CFR in our country is a front for the secret society that Cecil Rhodes created in 1891; it pursues his goal of creating a World Government, and that is not only the goal of the CFR, that is the basis of American foreign policy today.


JC: One of the things you point to is an article by Richard Gardner in the CFR's publication Foreign Affairs. Would you like to say something about that?

Dr. Stan: That article was back in 1974 in which Richard Gardner talked about this necessity for creating a World Government. (I do recommend people read Foreign Affairs; the lead article will tell you what’s really going on, if it’s written by a member of the elite group that runs the world.) The president of the CFR is a man named Richard Haass. A few years ago he wrote an article about austerity, saying that we were going to have austerity in America and throughout the world, and that this was absolutely necessary because the financial system was breaking down. And that is simply a prologue to what you see in England today, where more and more people are out of work, and your industries and manufacturing are falling off. England is having real financial problems. This is all planned by the elite; it’s happening all over the world as a prologue to the coming World War III. Back in 1974, Richard Gardner wrote about the necessity of creating World Government, but we see that idea in many of the articles in Foreign Affairs. (There's a comparable journal in England called International Affairs published by the Royal Institute of International Affairs.)

However, the CFR is no longer the primary organisation. Basically, the existence of this organisation was concealed; very few people knew about it. But in 1964, a friend of mine called John Stormer wrote a book: None Dare Call It Treason. He put out about seven million copies of that little paperback book, charging about ten cents per copy so that people could afford to buy it, and he outed the CFR. Then, eight years later, a man named Gary Allen, wrote the book: None Dare Call It Conspiracy, which laid out much of the story I’ve told you so far. He put out ten million copies of that book, and it was read widely across America. So, people began to talk about the CFR, and its control over both political parties: that it controlled the political process, such that our elections were totally fraudulent; that there was an elite that controlled America, the corporations, the banks, the military, the media, our churches, the education system; and that it largely determined what the American people thought and believed.

Well, after that book came out in 1972, David Rockefeller decided they needed another organisation. (David Rockefeller is the senior member of the Rockefeller family, the richest people in the world. Here in America we're told that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are the wealthiest people, but that's a lie. They only have, I think, thirty or forty billion dollars each. The Rockefeller family controls trillions of dollars, but this is never mentioned. David Rockefeller was the Chairman of the CFR for fifteen years pursuing this globalist programme. Then he became the Honorary Chairman of the CFR, which he is today.) In 1972, David Rockefeller decided they needed another organisation, so he hired a man named Zbigniew Brzezinski to form the Trilateral Commission (TC). The TC was not only American, it was international. It’s made up of an Asian branch, a European branch and an American branch. You can go to their website at trilateral.org where you can see their logo, which is made up of a circle with three curved arrows. If you look closely you’ll see there are sixes - you’ll see 666 joined together in the centre by an upside-down, broken cross. That’s surely what it’s all about; this is an occult organisation. Cecil Rhodes was involved in the occult; the people who joined with him in this pursuit of World Government were involved in the occult. The CFR and the TC are the major forces behind this move towards World Government. If you’re coming at this from a Christian point of view, you realise it’s been prophesied for thousands of years: we would establish a World Government; we would reconstitute the government that Nimrod tried to produce after the Great Flood. Nimrod wanted to build the Tower of Babel to reach the heavens, and to replace God with a ‘One-World Government’ under his control. Of course he failed. There were secret societies then, and there are secret societies today - literally dozens of them. We describe them in my book, Brotherhood of Darkness, but most people don’t understand.

JC: In Brotherhood of Darkness you have a quote from Gary Carr in connection with occult influences. (To be clear, in talking about the occult, we mean Luciferian and Theosophical influences.) I think Gary Carr is talking about the CFR in relation to the Lucis Trust. I'll quote him exactly, as it appears in your book:

“Lucis Trust, an organisation which Alice Bailey originally founded in the 1920s under the name Lucifer Publishing Company, today boasts a membership of approximately six thousand people. Some of the world’s most renowned financial and political leaders have belonged to this organisation, including individuals such as: Robert McNamara, Donald Regan, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Paul Volker and George Schultz. This is the same group of people that runs the Council on Foreign Relations, the organisation responsible for founding the United Nations.”

Does your research bear out his claim that there is an occult influence in the CFR?

Dr. Stan Well, it’s a front for the secret society that Cecil Rhodes created; it started as a secret society. At least three of the four founding members were involved in the occult. Certainly Cecil Rhodes and Lord Milner were freemasons, a man named Lord Esher (I do not know, but I think) was involved in the occult, and the fourth member was involved in Theosophy and Spiritualism. So, [probably] all the original members of this secret society were involved in the occult. They then began to recruit others into their organisation, and set up the next level, which was known as the “Association of Helpers.” These people came from other occult organisations in England, and the organisation expanded to hundreds of members. Yes, this is certainly occult. There really is a Lucis Trust; you can find it on the Internet; it doesn't give the membership list, of course; that's very hard to get. I'm indebted to Gary Carr for what he said because it's true: the leaders of America today, tied into the CFR and the TC, are also tied into the Lucis Trust, which used to be known as the Lucifer Publishing House.

(In fact, right next to me on this table is a copy of the last edition of Barbara Marx Hubbard's book. In it, she says that we are now entering a New Age. Recently, on December 21st last year, many people were saying: “Oh! The world’s going to end. The Mayan calendar ends, and much points to this heralding the transformation of society.” Barbara Marx Hubbard said that December 21st 2012 was the transition from the old age to the New Age, such that we're now in the Age of Aquarius where we will move rapidly towards World Government. Barbara Marx Hubbard is certainly one of the senior members of this whole Luciferian movement that dominates our political parties, our economic system, and which, behind the scenes, controls the world today.)

JC: I understand that, in the original copy of one of her publications, she said some rather disturbing things about what might happen to people who are not prepared to go along with this New Age agenda.

Dr. Stan: Yes, in the original text of her book, she says that about a quarter of the people will go along with the World Government; about half the people in the world will just sort of drift in and do whatever they’re told; but a quarter of the world will object to what’s going on and try to fight it - and they’re going to have to be killed. Then she says: “But that is not your job, my dear, that is ours, for we are the riders of the Pale Horse, Death.” Those are her exact words; I have a copy of the original manuscript. Now, when she published the book, she took that out; they don’t want the public to realise they intend to kill off a large segment of the population of the world. Her words were: “That is not your job”, referring to killing the quarter of the population that will not go along; and that’s the Christians, of course. You’ll find that quotation in my book, Brotherhood of Darkness.

JC: I was speaking to Chris White a few weeks ago, and he mentioned the very same quote; it’s certainly very chilling to think about. Returning to David Rockefeller, you said that he was a big figure in the CFR, and my understanding is that in his Memoirs of 2002 he basically admitted that he was part of a cabal working towards global government. Let me quote what he says there:

“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterising my family and me as internationalists, and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – One World, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

So that seems to me like an admission that that’s really what it’s about.

Dr. Stan: That’s really what it is about. But then he continues along these lines: “But look at what we’ve done throughout the world. We’ve raised living standards. You criticise me, but what would you have done to raise living standards throughout the world?” And he’s absolutely right; they have raised living standards in China and India. But look what’s happened in the intervening ten years between 2002 and 2013: you’ve seen the living standards in England, America and Europe go down. They’re certainly raising living standards in Third-World countries, but living standards are going down in First-World countries, eventually to the point of impoverishing the people in your country and mine. This is all manipulated, and the average individual doesn’t understand what’s happening. This is all part of the plan for austerity that Richard Haass called for in the article he wrote in Foreign Affairs, probably three or four years ago. (I think it was co-authored by a man named Roger Altman. It's available on the Internet. They’re both members of the TC, incidentally.



There's one more thing about David Rockefeller's book, Memoirs. In it, he talks about how his daughters frequently go down to visit Fidel Castro, the communist dictator of Cuba, and how they're very close to him. Then David talks about how Fidel Castro came up to visit him for at least one private meeting, although, of course, he doesn’t say what they talked about. Now, what is the significance of that? Well, the significance is, of course, that there never was a communist threat. Communism, from 1917 on, was actually financed by people like Lord Milner, one of the four original members of Cecil Rhodes’ secret society. In 1917, Lord Milner was certainly the second most powerful man in Great Britain, second only to the Prime Minister, Lloyd George, whom I'm sure he controlled. (After all, Lloyd George had a secretariat, and three of the five-or-six members of that secretariat came from Cecil Rhodes’ secret society.) After Cecil Rhodes' death, Lord Milner became head of the secret society, and in 1917 Milner went over to Russia to destabilise the Czar’s Government, in order to bring to power the communist government. They financed communism. Why? Because you needed an enemy, so that the people of your country and mine would give more power to our governments. We had to have a big military to protect us from the very enemy that had been created intentionally. (Communism doesn’t work; it never worked in Russia or China. That’s why they’ve adopted a capitalist system over there, which is working well. Communism had to be constantly financed by American and British financiers. We had to transfer technology to them, and loan them countless billions of dollars so they could maintain their military as a threat to America; it was all phony. There was never a threat to your country, or to my country, because communism didn’t work, and because people hated the system. But we kept this ruthless dictatorship in power so that the American and British people would feel we had an enemy, and so we had to rally behind our leaders: The Royal Institute for International Affairs (in England), The CFR (in America), and later on the TC and the Bilderbergers.

JC: Please tell us more about the TC. You said that David Rockefeller was not satisfied with what had been achieved through the CFR, so he set up the TC with Zbigniew Brzezinski. Was that in 1973? Could you say something more about this organisation?

Dr. Stan: Well, the TC is the invisible government of the United States today. There is a North American Chapter of the TC, a European Chapter to which the leaders of England belong, and there’s an Asian Chapter, to which the leaders of China, Japan and Malaysia belong. Here in the United States, the TC is in control. Now, that’s quite a strong statement, but you can document what I’m saying at Patrick Wood's website [Technocracy News & Trends]. Pat has analysed this since the late 1970s with my friend professor Anthony Sutton, who was a resident scholar at the Hoover Institute (until he told the truth, and they got rid of him). Professor Sutton had written a number of books – such as Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler - pointing out that we financed Hitler from the very inception, because we needed an enemy to have World War II; in turn, in order to draw closer to Russia during the war, and use that as a vehicle for transferring massive amounts of wealth to Russia to build up her military; so that Russia would then become this threat to convince the American people that we had to rally behind our leaders.


But, regarding the TC, from 1977 to 2008, every President of the United States and/or Vice President of the United States (sometimes both, sometimes just one or the other) has been a member of the TC. That would be Jimmy Carter and his Vice President; Ronald Reagan’s VP, George Herbert Walker Bush; then, in 1992, Bill Clinton and Al Gore; and from 2001 to 2008, Dick Cheney. (George W. Bush was not a member, but his dad, George H. W. Bush, was.) Barack Obama is not a member of the TC either. However, consider this: There are only eighty-seven members in the North American Chapter (some Canadians, some Mexicans, but mostly Americans), and out of those eighty-seven members of the TC, Barack Obama picked eleven of them to surround him: Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury; the Deputy Secretary of State; Hillary Clinton (who, though not herself a member, has a husband who was); Susan Rice, the American Ambassador to the United Nations; the closest top-level advisors to the President; the Head of the National Security Council, and his assistants. The TC controls the American Government. The American people don’t know that. When Hillary Clinton announced that she was going to resign, and Barack Obama suggested we put in Susan Rice as the Secretary of State, why of course Susan Rice came from the membership of the TC. (She had to drop out when she became a government official, but until 2008 she was a member of the TC.) Then she was discredited because of some remark she made, so they picked another person for the Secretary of State in the United States: his name is John Kerry. And you’ll never guess where he came from: Senator John Kerry, member of the TC. There are only eighty-seven members! It’s always the same people who control the Government. It doesn’t matter whether they’re Democrats or Republicans; that’s all for the “simple people”. The elite rule America, they rule England, they rule the world today and their goal is a One-World Government. People say: “Well, if they have that much control over America, why haven’t they taken over?” And my answer is: “They have taken over, but they can’t let the people know, because they want to use the financial and military power of our country, and of your country as well, to bring about this World Government.” When you understand that, it all makes sense; otherwise so little going on today makes real sense. Why did America go to war with Iraq for non-existent weapons of mass destruction? We destroyed the country and killed almost a million people, and yet there were no weapons of mass destruction there; they’d already been sent to Syria. They knew that, but they couldn’t let the American people know that. They always have to give them excuses for going to war, and they plot war after war. Sometimes their plans don’t work out; usually they do though, and they are preparing us now - your country and mine - for war with the Muslim world. There are going to be horrible complications; probably hundreds of millions of people are going to die in this coming Great War.

JC: A few minutes ago I think you were on the edge of quoting Barry Goldwater, former Republican US Senator for Arizona, who said that the TC...

“is a skilful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical...[in] the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nation-states involved.”

I notice particularly the ecclesiastical dimension. Have you looked into that very much?

Dr. Stan: Absolutely, they’ve infiltrated our churches, in your country and in mine, and they’ve changed the message of the churches. Incidentally, the quotation you just gave came from Barry Goldwater’s book With No Apologies, which we suggest people read. From about page 274 or 276 until the end of that chapter, Goldwater talks about how they’re going to transform society by taking control of the financial, educational and religious (I think he uses the term ecclesiastical) forces within our society. Yes, basically they’ve neutralised [much of] Christianity.

JC: Has funding from this source resulted in a watering down of the Gospel message?

Dr. Stan: Oh absolutely! People must understand that the funding for so much of what goes on today comes, at least in the United States, from our great tax-exempt foundations, such as the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation and the Pew Foundation. They have fabulous amounts of money - hundreds of billions of dollars – which they then disseminate to religious, political and cultural organisations. Their priority is to change the message of the Christian churches. They’ve certainly infiltrated the Catholic Church and her seminaries; indeed their agents are working at the highest levels of the Catholic Church today, which is why that Church has protected the paedophile priests who have been molesting boys here in America. In the Protestant churches they’ve done similar things; they’ve changed the message there too. People who want to be ministers go to seminaries, and there they learn what they think is the truth. But they don’t understand this: If you want to change the message of the Protestant faith, you must infiltrate the seminaries with people who will subtly change the message while merely professing to believe in Christianity.

JC: Well, I have to tell you that I did part of a ministerial training programme, and (although I’ve no idea who held the purse strings) my experience was that the college in many ways denied the Gospel. It was very difficult to go through that as a believer. Many of the tutors actually denied such major doctrines as Christ dying for our sins and The Resurrection. It was quite an eye-opener.

Dr. Stan: Well, I’m sure that there are people who enter the seminaries, who really do believe in Christianity, but whose faith gets destroyed. We have many ministers here in America today who don’t believe in Christianity; they use the pulpits to undermine the faith of the people, or they preach a different “Christianity”. Of course, one of the big things is, even with many people who believe in the Christian message, their view of God has changed. Now, I believe God loves people; I believe he loves us enough to give His only Son to die for our sins and to bring salvation to Mankind. But, when you read the Old Testament, you get a sense of the “fear of God.” (That's how it was seventy years ago; I remember, because I’m almost eighty-four.) We understood that God took action against people who violated His ideas. God brought action against nations that turned against Him. If a nation turned against God, God eventually turned against that nation, as he did repeatedly with His chosen people, the Israelis. He destroyed them and allowed them to be carried away as slaves time and again. People would turn against God and be taken into slavery; then they would return to God and things would begin to get good again. Then they would turn against Him again. Well, that’s what’s happening in America today. America was founded as a Christian nation, and England used to be a Christian nation. But they’ve changed the teaching of the churches. England is no longer a Christian nation; America is no longer a Christian Nation. One of the biggest things they've done is to remove any mention of the fear of God: “God is only Love; there is nothing to fear from God; we would never accept the idea that God would bring vengeance upon your nation, or upon my nation.” But my fear is that this is going to happen. I think it is only a matter of time before these nations, with all their affluence, are destroyed. Here in America we’ve embraced sexual promiscuity; half our Christian marriages end in divorce. What does that say about the influence of Christianity in America today? I suspect it’s similar over there. The churches have lost their position of leadership. People are much more interested in attendance numbers than in teaching, so the influence of Christianity has been diluted. When you go to the mega-churches in America you find they’re preaching a different gospel from the Gospel I learned seventy years ago.

JC: Yes, the so-called “prosperity gospel” concerns me greatly. Such preachers say that it's all about praying to God plus thinking hard, and you will get rich. This seems so far away from the Gospel as I understand it to be.

Dr.Stan: I agree with you totally, and I share your concern. Are you a minister, or are you just trying to educate people about the spiritual aspect of what’s going on?

JC: No, I didn’t continue with my ministerial studies for a number of reasons; but that was one of the reasons. I am a lay preacher, so I still have my finger in that pie, so to speak.

Dr. Stan: God bless you for what you’re doing. I just hope you can reach people over there in England. There is a camaraderie, and a common origin, between your people and mine. My family came from Scotland – we're of Scots and English descent - so I feel a camaraderie with the people in England.

JC: That’s wonderful. Could I turn back to the TC? You were saying that many people might be sceptical of what you say, but I note that Naom Chomsky has said that the whole of Jimmy Carter’s government came from the TC (although he's probably exaggerating).

Dr. Stan: Well, to all intents and purposes it did. There were about two hundred and seventy members of the CFR and the TC in Jimmy Carter’s government. Remember, there have never been more than eighty-seven members in the North American Chapter of the TC, so you can’t control the whole government. That's why there were two hundred and seventy members from both the CFR and the TC in Jimmy Carter’s government. When Ronald Reagan ran for President, he was very critical and said how terrible it was, but when he got in, he too had about two hundred and seventy members of the CFR and the TC in his government. And he did exactly as he was told after the attempt to assassinate him. (That assassination attempt was carried out by the son of a very close friend of George Herbert Walker Bush, the Vice President. Is that just coincidence? Of all the three hundred million people in America, the one man who tried to kill Ronald Reagan turns out to be the son of a friend of George H. W. Bush who was in line to become President? I don’t think that’s just coincidence.) No, Ronald Reagan may have believed in America, but unfortunately he betrayed our nation - because his life was at stake. He let George H. W. Bush run our country who was a member of the Bilderbergers, the CFR and the TC. Bush was also a member of the Skull & Bones Society at Yale, a secret Luciferian society. He was a member of the Bohemian Grove, which is another Luciferian organisation. He was Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and he was President of the United States for four years.

JC: About the Skull & Bones: there was an eye-opener a few years ago when both John Kerry and George Bush Jr. were on television together, and each admitted that they belonged to this secret Yale society.

Dr. Stan: What’s interesting about that interview during the 2004 election, is that they were interviewed by a relatively young man, who was well-known and a very good communicator. He asked George W. Bush about his membership of Skull & Bones, and Bush said: “That’s so secret, I can’t discuss it.” And he asked John Kerry the same question, and John Kerry gave the same answer: “This organisation is so secret, I can’t discuss it.” Then, amazingly, shortly after, this young, popular television host suddenly died for no apparent reason. He just died.

JC: Good heavens.

Dr. Stan: I think that’s a good lesson. You’re not supposed to be talking about this sort of thing in public. Can I prove he was done away with? No, but I can tell you I have interviewed at least two professional government assassins. We have a four-tape set called Deadly Assassins (available through my ministry) in which I actually interview government assassins who have been assigned the job of killing people here in America. One was a man named Chip Tatum, who was given the job of killing Ross Perot; he turned that down, and of course nobody knows where Chip Tatum is today. The other was Lt. Col. Daniel Marvin, who was asked to kill a naval commander who was accused of being a subversive. (The man wasn't a subversive; he just had information on the assassination of John Kennedy that they didn’t want to come out.) Col. Marvin turned that assignment down, and within a few months the Commander was dead – a supposed suicide. I've interviewed others too, like Gary Webb who wrote about the CIA and drugs. He ended up committing “suicide” by shooting himself in the head twice to make certain he was dead.

JC: That’s an amazing feat, Dr. Stan.

Dr. Stan: Well, unfortunately, the average person in your country and in mine just doesn’t want to believe this sort of thing could really go on. We know it goes on in other countries, but it could never go on in your country and in mine; but it goes on all the time. We’re dealing with people who have no moral conscience; we’re dealing with people who are Luciferian. When you understand that, the move towards World Government begins to make sense.

JC: You mentioned the Bilderberg Group. Twenty years ago or so, when I was first listening to you, there was no mention of it anywhere in the mainstream media. But in recent years it has begun to pop up a bit - largely, I think, due to the Internet.

Dr. Stan: The Bilderbergers were organised in 1954 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who got together the financial leaders of the West. This group does not include people from Asia; it's made up of people from Europe and the United States, who meet on a yearly basis. These people control the major banks, the major media and the major corporations. Probably thirty or forty of them attend every meeting. Then they invite others to come to the meetings for discussion and lectures. One of my friends actually attended a Bilderberg meeting at that time. He was, and still is, a very prominent person - an American ambassador. He said that when he was at that Bilderberg meeting, he didn’t hear anything secret discussed. Well, I’m sure that, as an invited guest, he would never hear anything much; the major decisions are made in closed meetings by the small number of permanent members. The permanent members are people like David Rockefeller, Lord Rothschild, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, and you can go on down the list. I've interviewed James Tucker a number of times. He was in the media for something like thirty years, and he'd never heard of the Bilderbergers. Then he went to work for the American Free Press, and with their financial backing he has been able to get to a number of their meetings, and he always comes out with the list of Bilderberg attendees. (I rather think this information is fed to James Tucker, because I think they want to focus our attention on the Bilderbergers rather than the TC. You almost never hear about the TC. There’s much mention of the Bilderbergers, especially in the conservative press and on the Internet, but I really do believe this coverage – and the meetings themselves – are diversions. I believe the real power is with the TC.) I mentioned that every President, and/or Vice-President, of the United States from 1977 up until 2008 came from the membership roll of this small number of people. Six of the eight World Trade Representatives from the United States came from there; eight of the ten Trade Representatives; seven of the twelve Secretaries of State; nine of the twelve Secretaries of Defense in that period (‘77 to '08) - they all came from the TC. All the important organisations that determine American foreign and domestic policy are dominated by members of the TC, and yet not one in a thousand Americans understands that.

JC: So you’re saying that Bilderberg is really a kind of second-order organisation. That does seem to make sense. They have this meeting each year with showy limousines, and their stance towards the media is: “You’re not allowed in to see what’s going on.” All this creates a mystique. So, I agree with you, that does seem designed to attract a great deal of attention. And you’re saying that that’s not where most of the action is taking place.

Dr. Stan: Absolutely, I’ve been at this for fifty years - and I’m not always right - but I believe that this is a diversion. They know how to manipulate us, and they do a magnificent job. Most people think Bilderberg is the centre of what’s going on, but it's not. It's the TC and the Luciferian forces that dominate it.

JC: Bilderbergers themselves say that their private club of elite members is essentially a “talking shop”. But I think they're hiding behind a technicality. They say: “Well, it’s a private club, so we’re not meeting together in our capacities as such and such, we’re simply meeting together as private individuals who just happen to hold these positions.”

Dr. Stan: Right.

JC: To me, that seems disingenuous. I think they’re hiding behind that technicality, because they wouldn’t be there if they didn't hold those particular positions. Do you agree that it's a bit disingenuous?

Dr. Stan: Oh, I think the whole thing is disingenuous. Very seldom do you see any mention of this in the regular media. But fortunately, we have the Internet and alternative radio, and as a result a significant number of people in the United States now know what’s going on. As people in England start utilising their computers they will be able to hear people like Alex Jones, Joyce Riley, our own Radio Liberty, Butch Paugh... [inaudible]. A lot of the people here in America are getting the information out and reaching literally millions of people every day. We just need people to take it seriously, research it and discover what is at stake. What’s at stake is the survival of Christian civilisation. They really do intend to kill and murder the vast majority of the Christians in the world. That’s what Barbara Marx Hubbard said in her book, and that is the plan today.

JC: You're speaking here of the inner circle. I am quite sure that many members of, say, Bilderberg, wouldn’t be aware of that?

Dr. Stan: Oh, of course not. They don’t know. In fact a lot of them don’t understand the spiritual implications. These are the people who think they live in an entirely material world, who don't understand that there’s a supernatural reality. But if you’re a Christian, you necessarily believe in the supernatural. So how Christians – who believe in the Bible and its testimony to the supernatural worldview through the ministry of our Lord who walked the Earth two-thousand years ago - not understand that that same supernatural world is here today, and that the same demonic forces are at work today?

JC: Yes indeed. I’m sure some people would be sceptical that organisations like the Bilderberg Group believe in One-World Government. But I have here a quote from Dennis Healey, well-known to people here in the UK. This quote is from an interview in the Guardian where Dennis Healey actually says: “To say we were striving for a One World Government is exaggerated, but not wholly unfair.” There's an admission as to what it's about.

Dr. Stan: Unfortunately, it is. There is an Anglo-American combination – your country and my country. The leaders of the two countries work closely together. When we go to war, England goes to war; when England went to war in the Falklands, there was only one country in the world that supported them: the United States. The average individual can’t understand what’s going on today unless they understand that secret societies dominate your country and mine.

JC: How can people hear more about your work? You have your radio station, Radio Liberty. Do you still broadcast on short wave across the whole world?

Dr. Stan: Well, we do a programme from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. (US) every day on WWCR; I think the frequency is 3.195. (I don't know if our short wave broadcast reaches England.) Probably the best way to hear us is via the Internet, because that way people can get us twenty-four hours a day. We do five hours per day, four of which are posted on our website at radioliberty.com, and then the programmes are archived for later listening. What a wonderful means we have of reaching people. We just have to get them concerned enough that they’ll take the time to listen.

What a wonderful privilege it is at this time to have the opportunity to get out the message. As you know, I’m no trained theologian. I never went to seminary; I’m an orthopaedic surgeon. But I believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, and the reason I do what I do is that I hope to bring people into a personal relationship with our Lord. But I’m not going to get it simply by preaching the Gospel. I’m going to get it by hopefully getting people to realise there’s a problem, and when they start to look for an answer, the only answer is our Lord Jesus Christ. The only thing that’s going to sustain us during the terrible times that lie ahead - and terrible times do lie ahead - will be our Lord.

JC: You mentioned your book Brotherhood of Darkness as a good resource to begin finding out about this. But in addition, are there other books or resources that you would suggest?

Dr. Stan: Well, we suggest Carroll Quigley’s book, Tragedy & Hope : A History of the World in our Time. It's 1,342 pages long, but it’s well worth reading. Also, his other book, The Anglo-American Establishment. This will give you the overview of the secret society that controls your government and my government today. Then the book, Foundations : Their Power and Influence, by René Wormser, written about 1959. This is the story of the great tax-exempt foundations and how they’ve been financing communism, socialism and Marxism, and trying to change the very structure of the United States and other nations throughout the world from a free-enterprise system to a socialist dictatorship. Also, we recommend The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow by Constance Cumbey. I had been studying all this for twenty years, from ’62 until ’82, and I knew I was missing something; there had to be some other force out there I didn’t understand. Constance Cumbey’s book led us to the occult, world Luciferian movement. If people read those five books, it will change the way they look at the world.

JC: I believe that Constance Cumbey has made that book available on her website as a download these days.

r. Stan: Yes, you can pull it off her website. She’s been at this battle for over thirty years, and we've become good friends; we are guests on each other's shows from time to time.

JC: Dr. Stan, it’s been a privilege to have you on the show. As I say, I’ve been listening to you for many years, so you can imagine my delight in having you on this show. Thank you for agreeing to come on in the early days of what I’m doing here, and thank you for your time.

Dr. Stan: Well, I wish you well. I just hope you can get people to understand what’s going on from a geopolitical point of view, but, much more important, get them to understand that this is a spiritual battle. It's a cultural, political and ideological battlefield, but it's a spiritual battle. I hope your ministry will lead people to our Lord. God bless them! It’s been a pleasure to be with you.


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