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Items mentioned in (or otherwise relevant to) the interview:

  • The Railway Coach Trials: front page of the Ministry of Supply report "Possibilities of Clandestine Attacks on Personnel in Railway Trains with Biological Agents."

  • Top Secret note (30 May 1963) from the Chief Scientist outlining the "biological trials undertaken outside the confines of W.D. establishments".

"I am convinced of the vital need for those trials which impose no hazard for the public, although clearly, knowledge of them by unauthorised persons could be politically embarrassing." (Underlining added.)

 "In the event of a military question arising which could only be answered by conducting open air trials in areas which may involve the general public, Ministers have made it clear that they cannot rule out the need to conduct larger scale trials in the future to try to ensure the protection of the UK from attacks by people from states using biological or chemical weapons." (Underlinings added.)

Podcast theme music: Chillout Me, kindly provided by Antony Raijekov, from his Jazz U compilation (CC BY-NC 2.5).

Part One image source: The MOD's infamous 'dual-use' Icing Tanker Aircraft in 1967; courtesy of Mike Kenner.

WV787 Icing Tanker Aircraft

Part Two image source: Porton Down's two preferred methods of spraying zinc cadmium sulphide from a moving ground source (a Land Rover with rear-mounted spray equipment, and the clandestine van as used during the Cardington Trials); courtesy of Mike Kenner.




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