CarlTeichribCarl Teichrib, Chief Editor of Forcing Change, joins us for an in-depth discussion on the burgeoning phenomenon of Transformational Festivals.

Each year many hundreds of thousands of people travel from all over the world to participate in these mind-altering events, temporarily immersing themselves in hypnotic, alternative 'realities'. Stunning locations, dramatic staging, electronic dance music, flamboyant clothing (or none), surrealist art, reimagined pagan myths, co-created rituals, communal living, and much more besides, variously combine to create participatory spaces in which people aim to experience 'new realities', thereby hoping to bring about personal and, ultimately, global transformation.

But, as Carl Teichrib explains, at the core of these experiences lies the age-old deception of Oneness, that worldview in which all distinctions are subsumed, and all truth relativised, in the ineffable One; a collectivist and falsely 'tolerant' worldview in which the message of Jesus can never be tolerated.

Reminding Christians of the mistakes of the past (in which countercultural movements tended to be either ignored or assimilated), Carl urges us now to engage as salt and light, with love and truth, so that the Gospel of Christ can be heard, and the cultural drift towards a One-World System be exposed.

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