ATJCThis week we welcome to the programme David Conn of for an in-depth discussion on the so-called Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ and its manipulative founder Jim Jones, under whose "leadership" over nine hundred people were killed in a mass "suicide/murder" on the 18th of November 1978 in northwestern Guyana.

David Conn, who investigated Jones for eight years prior to the Jonestown Massacre, shares with us his own story of how he tried to expose and warn people about Jim Jones, and helps us to form some kind of understanding of the charismatic-yet-dangerous Jones and the psychological, spiritual and social factors that allowed such a man to rise to a position of power and influence.

David Conn is author of the book The Pleasure of Fiends : An Orthodox Study of Evil and the Meaning in the Jonestown Cultic Horror (2013).

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