RLSolbergIs Christmas a pagan festival? Must Christians keep the Law of Moses?

We are joined by R. L. Solberg—author of the excellent new book TORAHISM : Are Christians Required to Keep the Law of Moses?—for a conversation on his book-length critique of the so-called Hebrew Roots Movement and the ways in which he seeks to engage, rather than to alienate, those affected by its teachings.

"R. L. Solberg (www.RLSolberg.com) is an author, speaker, teacher and theologian based in Nashville, Tennessee where he lives with his wife of 27 years, Debra, and a big German Shepherd named Thor. They are stakeholders at the Church of the City, Spring Hill and have two spectacular daughters who are out making their mark on the world. Solberg has been pursuing theology, apologetics and philosophy, formally and informally, for more than two decades. He studied at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Theological Studies at Williamson College in Nashville, TN. He strives to communicate on complex topics with clarity and grace, bringing a creative perspective to the conversation."

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