ThomasGoehleWhere are we heading? What does the future hold? And will our worldview be robust and coherent enough to carry us through the difficulties that lie ahead?

We are joined once again, for the third and final of a short series of interviews, by the writer and researcher Thomas R. Goehle, author of America's Post-Christian Apocalypse: How Secular Modernism Marginalized Christianity and The Peril of Leaving God Behind at the End of the Age. Building upon the previous two interviews, in which we discussed truth, faith and reason, we conclude by considering ways in which End-Time biblical prophecy might relate to the much-discussed New World Order, and gently debate various eschatological themes such as the Antichrist, Great Tribulation and the Rapture.

Thomas Goehle earned a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy of Religion (honors) from Denver Seminary. He lives in Williamsville, New York where he is working on his next book tentatively entitled Transhumanism, AI, and the Apocalypse.

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