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"LikeFlint Radio (LFR) is a Christian podcast show that examines both historical and current paradigms from a biblical perspective, drawing its hosts from FutureQuake South Africa (FQSA), FutureQuake Southern Hemisphere (FQSH) and American Amnesia. Our shows focus on topics, which at their core, all have a theological, philosophical or historical theme. LikeFlint Radio is part of the Revelations Radio Network."


Items mentioned in (or otherwise relevant to) the programme



  • Introductory music: "Hold On" kindly provided by Dissident Prophet from their album 21st Century Spin; Copyright © Dissident Prophet 2002, all rights reserved; used here with kind permission
  • The audio included in this podcast is Copyright © 2014 Like Flint Radio, all rights reserved, and used here with kind permission.
  • Image source: "Globo verde" by Olearys on Flickr (CC BY 2.0); aspect ratio altered




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