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"The mission of CE4 Research Group is to share with the world the most powerful evidence known that exposes the Alien entities for who they really are. That evidence is in the testimonies of those who have overcome the experience—the oppression, the bondage, the harassment, the control, the lies, the deception that these entities perpetrate—by calling out in the name and authority of Jesus Christ."


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Notes on Revelations Radio Network

info32 Update (13 December 2017): The domain has now been renewed. (

The Revelations Radio Network (RRN) website now seems to be inaccessible, and has been for a while. I believe (although I do not know for sure) that the domain name was not renewed this time around. At present the RRN feed is still active with various podcast services, such as iTunes, PlayerFM, Podbean, etc., but I don't know for how long. Therefore, I recommend that, if you're using RRN to get TMR programmes, that you subscribe to TMR directly in some way. Here are a few ways to do that.






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