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Music used in the episode:

The music used in this episode is taken from 12 Minutes of Christmas by JJ Jones: "That Christmas Song" and "Mary's Boy Child". The album, which I highly recommend for its perfect combination of the Absurd and Sublime (and which is far too inexpensive) can be purchased at CDBaby:

From the CD description:

"Loving parodies of your favorite Xmas classics crooned over music recorded in Hawaii in 1949 by the brilliant Arthur Lyman orchestra

1 -    White Xmas
2 -    That Christmas Song
3 -    Winter Wunderland
4 -    Mary's Boy Child
5 -    Shooby Kalikimaka

Embarrassment or brilliance? You be the judge! Amidst the very exotic record collection of my dear friend Captain Nemo in Munich, I stumbled on a delightful Christmas album recorded in Hawaii in 1949: "Mele Kalikimaka" by Arthur Lyman. Surprisingly, the lush arrangements left plenty of room for vocals, so I seized the opportunity to apply a loving irony to a few of my favorite Christmas classics – indeed, just enough for 12 Minutes of Christmas." - JJ Jones

"JJ Jones began performing very publicly as the lead singer of the Berlin-based kitsch-pop-ensemble known as Fuzzy Love. From there he dabbled in avant-garde electronica, slummed with the revival of Germany's beloved underground band Der Plan, and crooned with the fabulous Miss Claudia from Denmark, not to mention singing as a member of a Serbian Orthodox church choir. He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee (Music City USA) where he sings these Christmas songs inside a Human Snow Globe."


The music in this episode is copyright © John Richard Jones, all rights reserved, and is used here with kind permission.

Image source: "Microphones" by Roadside Guitars on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0); cropped, re-sized, recoloured




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