LauraMaxwellStrange though it may seem, there are people who claim to have had sexual experiences with "ghosts", "spirits" or "aliens". But what are we to make of such claims?

We welcome once again the spiritual counsellor and radio host Laura Maxwell, who joined us last year to share her testimony of coming to faith in Christ after having once been involved in Luciferian spiritualism. For this second conversation she joins us to discuss the disturbing phenomenon of spectrophilia and the popularisation of such unhealthy and potentially damaging ideas in both the mainstream media and online.

"As a spiritual counsellor, Laura is honoured that her work is shared worldwide via satellite TV, radio, books, magazines and online. She and her mother were taught that Lucifer is god when involved in New Age spiritualism. Now, a follower of Christ, she hosts a show on Eternal Radio interviewing ex-occultists about their Christian conversion stories and their outreach to those still involved in the New Age, cults and the Occult. She is the founder of the international ministry Our Spiritual Quest, based in Scotland."—Laura Maxwell

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