FRemyDiederichWe are joined by F. Remy Diederich, lead pastor of Cedarbrook Church in Menomonie, Wisconsin, for a discussion on his recently-published book, Broken Trust : A Practical Guide to Identify and Recover from Toxic Faith, Toxic Church, and Spiritual Abuse.

"Remy Diederich is the author of six books related to helping people overcome their setbacks with God's help. He is the founding and teaching pastor of Cedarbrook Church in Wisconsin, USA, and he is also the spirituality advisor for Arbor Place Treatment Center. He blogs at"

(Please note that none of the opinions expressed in this interview should be taken as advice in any particular case. Every situation is different, and it is entirely the responsibility of each and every individual to judge for themselves what they should do any particular circumstance.)

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[toxic faith, spiritual abuse, legalism, discipline, shame, accountability, hypocrisy, favouritism, anger, transparency, scripture, forgiveness, humility, fruit of the Spirit, leadership, organised religion, insecurity, freedom, woundedness, Henri Nouwen, baptism, circumcision]



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