The Nephilim Persons

  • Jenifer Thyssen—(

  • Bob Purse—(

  • GK and Crusy—Like Flint Radio (

  • Johnny Iron—The Iron Show (

  • Jeff Bankens (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

  • Frank Johnson—Ancient Aliens Debunked (

  • Mark Campbell's Bowler or Fez film reviews on YouTube.


Dramatis Personae

  • GK and Crusy (hosts of Like Flint Radio)—played by themselves

  • Jjjohnny Iron (host of The Iron Show and Iron Show Live)—played by Johnny Iron

  • Jenifer Thyssen (classical singer)—played by herself

  • Frank Johnson (researcher for Chris White's Ancient Aliens Debunked)—played by himself

  • Mark Campbell (TMR's roving reporter)—played by himself

  • Jeff Bankens (strongman for Christ)—played by himself

  • Bob Purse (singer-songwriter)—played by himself

  • Mrs. Trellis (a listener from North Wales)—played by Dean Jordan

  • Donald Trump (the President of the USA)—played by Dean Jordan

  • Chook (a chook from Down Under)—present but not speaking

  • Jeff Goldblum's Laugh—played by itself

  • Yours Truly—played by myself


Items mentioned in / relevant to the episode



TMR would also like to thank the following people for their valuable contributions to this year's New Year's Eve show.

  • Dean Jordan—for such uncanny impersonations of Mrs. Trellis and Donald Trump

  • GK—for the excellent graphics work

  • Bob Purse—for his wonderfully surreal songs

  • Jenifer Thyssen—for her beautiful vocal performances

  • The harpist Alena Bistritsky—for the equisite accompaniments to "Es ist ein Ros Entsprungen" and "Auld Lang Syne"

  • The kantele player Viktoria Nizhnik, and the viola da gamba player Stephani Noori—for their equisite accompaniment to "El Noi de la Mare"



All the music and musical performances in this podcast are Copyright © their respective copyright holders, all rights reserved; used with kind permission.

Slide show image Copyright © GK of Like Flint Radio, all rights reserved; used with kind permission.





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