FNBReloaded smWhat if the moon is really a hologram? How many memes can dance on the head of a pin? Why hasn't Frank Johnson been abducted by the Nephilim Fairies? How many thylacines does it take to change a light bulb?

To kick off 2017 here at TMR we welcome back high-ranking members of The Fireside Nephilim Boys, a semi-secret society and multinational think-tank affiliated to Like Flint Radio, for another friendly and entertaining New Year roundtable chat. Joining together from diverse regions of the globe we look back over the last year and discuss pretty much anything that managed to get our collective goats during 2016.

Join us—Garth Kennedy (Australia), Frank Johnson (US), Cliff Garner (US), Jeff Goldblum's Laugh (US) and Yours Truly (UK)—as we discuss these and many other subjects and put the world to rights in just under ninety minutes.

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Episode Notes

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