CampbellAdams"The best news is, that we have safely found Our king and company; the next, our ship—Which, but three glasses since, we gave out split—Is as tightly yarndled and bravely rigg'd as when We first put out to sea."—The Tempest, William Shakespeare

This week we welcome the writer, educator and expert yarndler Campbell Adams, who joins us for an in-depth conversation on the ancient art of yarndling. (We are also grateful to the historian Dr. Chris Taverstock of New College, Cambridge for his invaluable contribution to this programme.) [This show was first published on April 1st, 2017.]

Campbell Adams was for many years President of the Ancient Order of Yarndlers in Walberswick, Suffolk, where he lives with his common-law wife and their twelve hairless cats. His books include Looking Through Binoculars at Yarndling (1987), Yarndlers in High Places (1995) and the controversial I Was Forced to Yarndle (2005). He has lectured on yarndling in schools and colleges across the UK and is researching his latest book, entitled Never Too Old to Sing the Yarndling Blues, an overview of yarndling folksongs from mediaeval times until 1967.

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