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"Dr. James Perloff holds PhDs from Harvard, MIT and Oxford. He has been named “Mr. America” for seven years running. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for developing the world’s only perpetual motion machine. He invented the Internet. He is the Most Interesting Man in the World — he doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does, he drinks Don Equis. Michael Jordan asked for HIS autograph. After five moves against him in a chess game, Bobby Fisher said, “I give up.” Hillary Clinton converted to conservatism after a 2-minute conversation with him. Mother Teresa went to confession to HIM. He is author of the book Why Internet Junkies Will Believe Anything You Tell Them — winner of the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award. He also split the atom, and, as a child, trounced Einstein in a nationally televised science debate."—James Perloff

(In view of certain exaggerations and inaccuracies in the above paragraph, James Perloff would like to encourage readers to consult the About Page at JamesPerloff.com—for rather more "fine-tuned" biographical information.)


  • Since the interview I have wondered about a third possibility vis-à-vis the strange telegrams at the pier in New York. Maybe—following the flase-flag hypothesis—a British Admiralty insider decided to blow the whistle on the plot and so arranged for the telegrams to be distributed in order to save lives.


Items mentioned in / relevant to the interview

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  • Washington Times, 1st May 2015, page 1 [internal PDF]; an example of printed warnings

  • Gary Allen & Larry Abraham, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Dauphin Publications (2013) [first published in 1971]



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