Rev Phill Sacre

“Phill is a Christian minister. He is ordained in the Church of England and spends about two days a week in a parish on the Essex coast. The rest of the time he works on his online ministries: Understand the Bible and Sacred Musings : Making Sense of the World from a Christian Perspective.”


  • Please note that nothing said in this conversation is medical advice.

  • Please also note that my statement about COVID-19 vaccination and conscience is an entirely personal matter. I am making no comment about anyone else's decision to be COVID-19 vaccinated.

  • I also think I should clarify that, when I say some may feel that the government has been put in place by God, I am referring to a particular theological view that I do not share, and that my comment was specific to the issue of Civil Religion (which I consider to be a distortion of true spirituality).



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