“I’m drawing a line in the sand and showing my face for what I believe is right. I’m Standing with the intention to show enough is enough.”—Brady Gunn, Founder

We are joined by Sophia Rose ("FiFi"), the founder of A Stand In The Park (UK), for a conversation on the history and aims of this difficult-to-define, but hugely important, global movement of concerned citizens.

"A Stand in the Park unites people in parks all over the world every Sunday morning, 10 - 11 am local time. We Stand in the Park to celebrate freedom, diversity and fairness for all.

Brady Gunn started A Stand in the Park in Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia. Brady made a Stand, alone at first, for his personal truth. In Brady’s early Facebook videos he talked about making a Stand for freedom—for our elderly, our children, our jobs and small businesses—against lockdowns, harmful new laws, the ‘pandemic’ and the people behind ‘The Great Reset’. Brady invited others to join him and Stand in THEIR personal truth. It took almost three months, but eventually they came.

At the beginning of 2021 he reconnected with his UK-based friend FiFi Rose, and she was profoundly inspired by the message. FiFi worked tirelessly to spread the Stands to every corner of the British Isles. Since then, the concept has well and truly caught fire, and there are now about 1000 parks participating every Sunday morning across Australia, New Zealand, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland, Denmark, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Germany, France, Mexico, Canada and the USA."

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