PhillSacre"No one has been given or will be required to have a vaccine passport"—Nadhim Zahawi

We are joined once again by Rev Phill Sacre—an ordained minister in the Church of England and host of the YouTube channel "Sacred Musings : Making Sense of the World from a Christian Perspective"—for a second conversation on the theme of "COVID and the Churches".

In the previous conversation—TMR 267 (Part One)—we discussed the relationship between the UK churches (by and large) and the state during the so-called "pandemic", and asked to what extent the churches have been willing to critique (with reference to Scripture) the seemingly endless stream of diktats issuing from government. In this second conversation we venture into more controversial territory and discuss issues relating to the churches and Vaccine Passports, COVID-19 vaccination policy, and the perennial question: Is this the End?

[Please note that nothing said in this interview should be understood as medical advice in any way.]

"Phill is a Christian minister. He is ordained in the Church of England and serves on a part-time basis in a parish on the Essex coast. The remainder of his time he devotes to his online ministries: Understand the Bible and Sacred Musings : Making Sense of the World from a Christian Perspective (on YouTube)."

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