We are joined by the award-winning author John Leake for a conversation about the astonishing interview he conducted in May 2021 with the eminent US physician and academic Dr Peter McCullough.

In that interview, which quickly went viral—and which features in the next podcast (TMR 265)—Dr McCullough tells his own story of pursuing early COVID-19 treatment for the sake of patients, describes the resistance by powerful institutions, and shares his deep concerns about COVID-19 vaccine safety in the context of continuing moves to push mandatory (or de facto mandatory) COVID-19 vaccination.

In this conversation, John Leake explains why he conducted the interview, and shares with us his views as to how Dr McCullough's powerful words fit into the story of COVID-19 which John has been researching since March 2020 in his capacity as an investigative author.

"Born in Dallas, Texas, John Leake studied history and philosophy with Sir Roger Scruton at Boston University. After moving to Austria on a graduate scholarship, he remained in Vienna for over a decade working as a freelance writer and translator. His first book, Entering Hades: The Double Life of a Serial Killer, was a New York Times Sunday Book Review "Editors' Choice," a Men's Vogue "Best Book of 2007," and the inspiration for The Infernal Comedy, starring John Malkovich. His second book, Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery, won the 2012 Independent Publisher Award, and the German translation, Eiskalter Tod, received extensive media coverage in Austria and became a bestseller. His investigative work for the Jack Unterweger, Duncan MacPherson, and Angelika Foeger stories has been the subject of numerous television documentaries produced by A&E Biography, Discovery, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's "Fifth Estate," and the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation's "Am Schauplatz Gericht."

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