Bric-a-brac sm1. This podcast is a selection of excerpts from a conversation between John (JJ) Jones and Julian Charles following the recording of Podcast 006 : Putting the X Back in Christmas, (late at night here in the UK) on November 27, 2012.

2. For a response to some of the comments made in this informal conversation, see The Corbett Report, Episode 264 : The Government Illusion.

3. For information on JJ Jones, please see the Interview Notes to Podcast 006.





Slideshow and podcast image: Personal photograph (copyright © 2013 The Mind Renewed) of "The Waterforce Sculpture" by Adrian Moakes at Quarry Bank Mill in the UK (1992).

Episode theme music, Moment of Green, kindly provided by Antony Raijekov, from his Jazz U compilation (CC BY-NC 2.5), and mixed with the voice of the late Brian Austin of The Mustard Seed Christian Bookshop, Camden, London, from his talk: "Getting the Policeman God off our Backs."




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