JoeJordanWe are joined by Jonathan McLatchie of for an interview on the status of Intelligent Design as a scientific project. We also discuss the importance of Christian apologetics in the current intellectual climate, and examine the trend among some atheists to engage in what they term "Street Epistemology".

Jonathan McLatchie is a Christian writer, speaker and debater with a BSc in forensic biology, Master's degree (M. Res) in evolutionary biology, and a second Master's in medical and molecular bioscience. He is currently a PhD candidate in cell biology. Jonathan is a contributor to various apologetics websites, including,, and He is also a contributor at (the official blog of the Discovery Institute). He is founder of Apologetics Academy, a ministry that aims through weekly online webinars to equip and train people to defend the Christian faith, as well as to assist Christians who are wrestling with doubts. He has been interviewed on many podcasts and radio shows including "Unbelievable?" on Premier Christian Radio, "Line of Fire" radio, "Apologetics315", and has taken part in umpteen moderated debates.

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