Movies-icon-48BBC Reporters Jane Standley and Philip Hayton Report WTC 7's Destruction In Advance


On the afternoon of 9/11 itself, BBC reporters Jane Standley (on location in New York City) and Philip Hayton (in the BBC World studios) report on the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 (the Salomon Brothers Building) - the third steel-framed high-rise to be completely destroyed that day - over 20 minutes before it actually happens at 5:20 pm. While I can't verify the exact time of the live broadcast, the building - which she is saying has already fallen - can clearly be seen still standing behind her head. A response by the BBC to the ensuing controversy can be read here.


BBC Reports Buidling 7's Destruction In Advance

In an interesting interview several years later, members of WeAreChangeUK question ex-BBC World presenter Philip Hayton (who was in the studio on 9/11 talking with Jane Standley that day) about his recollections of that conversation.
Philip Hayton Interviewed by WeAreChangeUK



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