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  • 7/7 : Crime & Prejudice
  • 7/7 : Seeds of Deconstruction
  • 7/7 : A Conspiracy Theory
  • 7/7 : The Key Evidence
  • 7/7 in 7 Minutes

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"On July 7th 2005 London suffered the worst terrorist attack in its history.  Despite one of the largest police investigations ever to take place in Britain,  to date not a single person has been found guilty for the atrocity that killed over 50 people.

Using unsealed court documents and declassified intelligence agency files Secrets, Spies and 7/7 takes you on a journey through the labyrinth of disinformation about the bombings.  Drawing on over 7 years of research, Tom Secker shows how  the official version of events, which blamed 4 British Muslim men, is a mess of contradictions, errors and fantasies. 

This unique investigation also explores the 'War on Terror' context in which the attacks took place and shows how an alternative look at the evidence suggests some very different culprits to those blamed by the official story."


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