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"David Greenockle Jr. is a pastor, teacher and lecturer whose desire is to see people become truly awakened to the world around them. He holds Master’s Degrees in Education (Gratz College, Philadelphia) and Comparative Religion and Hebrew (Hebrew University, Israel). His academic and professional experience enable him to cast new light upon social issues from a biblical perspective. He is passionate in using the humanities to better understand the human condition in modern times and to aid people in restoring their true humanity in a world of commerce and distraction. David lives in the North-East of the United States with his wife and two daughters."


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  • Podcast theme music: Moment of Green by Antony Raijekov from Jazz U album (CC BY-NC 2.5), and mixed with the voice of Aldous Huxley from his 1962 Berkeley lecture, "The Ultimate Revolution".

  • The short and proportionate excerpt from Aldous Huxley's lecture is included in this podcast for the purpose of commentary alone and thus used in the spirit of Fair Use.

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