JohnMassariaThis week, film-maker and political activist John Massaria joins us to introduce his new and compelling film project, I Love My Country But Hate What They Are Doing.

Featuring interviews and personal statements by well-known activists such as Dr. Daniele Ganser, Tommy Hansen, Gerald Celente, Anthony Freda, Ken O'Keefe, Gary Franchi, Ray McGovern and Joe Rogan, John Massaria's film crafts a challenging narrative of a country—the US, the country he loves—subservient to its military-industrial complex and addicted to war. Only by facing up this reality, and—(as Anthony Rotunno put it in a previous show)—"changing the discourse", will there by any chance of turning the tide and steering the world in the direction of peace and goodwill.

To see Part One of the film, and to support the project's development, please see the Interview Notes.

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