RobertBennettMany might suppose that animistic belief is fundamentally incompatible with modern Western culture. "It's something of the past", it might be said, or "a feature of life in other less-'enlightened' places". And yet, argues our guest Rev. Dr. Robert H. Bennett, animism is on the rise even in the USA, and we shouldn't think that Christians always remain unaffected by its subtle, yet often harmful, influence.

Dr. Bennett, who is Executive Director of Luther Academy in Fort Wayne Indiana and a specialist in missions, joined us last year to discuss his field-research book I Am Not Afraid : Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare : True Accounts from the Lutheran Church of Madagascar. He now returns to the show to introduce his new follow-up book Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare in America, and shares with us his biblical conviction that, in the face of all spiritual deception and oppression, there is only one answer: Jesus Christ.

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