Tony Cartalucci, "Fake News: The Latest Weapon in Information Space", © New Eastern Outlook (16 January 2017)

 "The ability for technology and innovations to transform global economics and geopolitics is often underestimated, even sidelined in retrospect. However, from the technological achievements that gave the British Empire mastery over the seas, to the industrial revolution that eventually disrupted and unraveled the empire’s carefully constructed global system of mercantilism, the march of technological progress literally governors the rise and fall of global centers of power and the empires built around them."


"While hysteria is being created by linking 'fake news' with 'Russian propaganda' and 'white nationalists,' in reality the measures being put in place to 'fact check' and subsequently censor information deemed 'fake news' will target everything that contradicts narratives promoted by US and European special interests – everything from promoting wars, to promoting and expanding big-business."

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