VinceMcCann"Just a bit fun!", as the phrase goes, what could possibly be harmful about playing with a painted board and a wooden "planchette"? Friends, spooky laughs, bottle of wine - a good time to be had by all!

During our current break in normal podcasting, we take the opportunity to repost our 2014 Halloween interview with Vince McCann, author of Freed from Satan's Grasp (Kingsway Publications) and former director of Spotlight Ministries.

Speaking from his experience of having once been involved in the Occult, Vince explains why the Ouija Board is far from "just a bit of fun". Characterising it, rather, as "spiritual Russian roulette", Vince warns that its use has frequently been associated with mental illness and spiritual oppression.

Vince McCann was once involved in the Occult and oppressed by evil spirits, until God led him—through prayer and exorcism—into a new life of freedom and faith in Jesus Christ, and called him to a ministry reaching out to those caught in the darkness of spiritual oppression. He currently runs the Chenzo1969 YouTube channel.

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